Well guys I tested and it was a BFN!!!!!!!!! I just want OV to come now so I can concentrate on next month x


  • Awww hun im so sorry, i hope you get your bfp soon. xxxx
  • Sorry you got a bfn but if af still hasn't arrived it's not over yet.
  • Thanks guys, well we haven't done the bd for about a week and a half now so I really don't think I am pg. Just wish that af would arrive so at least I know everything is in working order!! x
  • I am sorry it was that resuly babe, now just realx and I bet you any money you AF will arrive very soon.

    k xx
  • Sorry to hear that jenny - best of luck for next month. BFN always, always disappointing, but keep trying!
  • Thanks ladies, I will keep you posted but hopefully it will arrive soon, I keep feeling like it's going to but then the feeling goes away, very strange, sounds about right for me though lol x
  • good luck for next time X
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