How many times??


I haven't been on the board much for a while and my husband and I have just started trying again but I could do with some advice.

I have been tracking my temperature and on Saturday it went up enough for me to be convinced it was OV time (my cycles are all over so I had no way of knowing this was coming). We BD on Saturday and Sunday but haven't since. Would the egg still be around, is it worth still BD'ing for a few more days? I am not sure how long I would be in my prime for. Hubby was feeling poorly yesterday (crap timing) so we didn't BD and I am worried we have missed the boat and having done enough this time. Feel like I am a bit obsessed and don't want to be too pushy with him if he is feeling a bit poorly still.

Any advice?


Betty x


  • Im not sure if the temp increase is just before the egg is released (like ov tests) or when the egg has been released.
    Im not much help, sorry!
    Good luck anyway!
  • Oh well, just keep trying and see. Its a miracle anyone gets pregnant when you think of it. Thanks for your help.
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