lets introduce ourselves!

i dont know if its just me but their seems to be a lot of new people in the ttc room just recently, i know this thread has been done before but thought it would be nice for us all to get to know each other image

so im sally, i come from lincolnshire and have been ttc since last september, it has been a difficult journey for me and one that i am really hoping will have a happy ending!!

sending you all lots of babydust***


  • hi sally god idea on the thread image

    i Lisa,weve been ttc 24 months,we have a ds who is 3 now,starts nursary soon :cry:

    were up in Scotland,in a place called Fife
  • Hi Sally,good idea!!

    I'm Stephanie,24, from Glasgow. We have been ttc our first since November '09 and still no luck-I'm also finding it difficult to digest!Hopefully we'll have lots of happy news in the weeks/months to come!! image


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  • Always good to do these threads!

    I'm Hannah, have DD Rachel who is 18 months and now on cycle 6 TTC number 2, and we're from Bristol.

    Hannah xx
  • Hello I'm Emma, I live near Cambridge and have ds who is almost 17 months, ttc no 2 (month 2). Lisa, I'm originally from Fife, lived in Kirkcaldy till I was 23!
  • hi im holly from kent...

    i have a DD whos 8 and a DS whos nearly 5 and on mth 2 ttc no3 x
  • Hi

    My name is Gemma,I am 27and from Suffolk. I have a little girl is will be 17 months tomorrow image and have been TTC since last month I got my AF yesterday so hope this month might be my lucky month as I would love a March baby image

    Baby dust to all image xx
    Gem x



  • Hi, good idea!

    I am MrsG, I live in Northamptonshire and I am 26. This is our first month ttc our first baby and it's all very exciting!!

  • yay a fello fifer lol im in rosyth,my dad lives in the big KDY lol small world eh image
  • Hi I'm
    Charlotte, I'm 23,I live near Brighton with my new husband! We got married in April and found out when we got back off honeymoon that I was pregnant! Unfortunately it wasn't to be and I had a MMC in may! I've just had a neg preg test today so waiting for my AF to arrive before trying again although we won't be using protection this month so maybe I'll be lucky enough this month! Xxxx
  • hi im laura, i live in scotland, near glasgow. i have a little girl age 5 and a little boy who is 2 and we are ttc no 3!! xx

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  • Hi

    Im Sharon, 25, married and have a wee girl Jaimi-Lee who is nearly 17 months and we are on month 1 ttc!

    Nice to see a lot of fellow scots on here now, when i used to come on here alot last year there was hardly any of us lol!

  • Hi there. I'm victoria from Sunderland live in Durham. Ttc
    for 7 months now. Getting really impatient but doc doing tests as we are a little on the older side at 36 and 38.

    Lots of baby dust to everyone x x
  • Hi all, I'm Kate and live in Elgin, Scotland. I got married in Jan of this year and fell pregnant 3 weeks later. Unfortuantely I had a mmc and so hubby and I are trying again. Very nervous about being pregnant again but also looking forward to it. Got a smiley on CBD ov test so am keeping fingers crossed that we're one of the lucky few to get pregnant pretty quickly after a mc.

    Looking forward to reading about everyones BFP's!!xx

  • Hi all, I'm Elizabeth 31 in Dorset, got married in May so this is 1st month TTC for us. Fingers crossed we're one of the lucky ones that fall relatively quickly.

    Good luck to you all!! xxxx
  • Hi ladies, I'm Vicky 27 from Hertfordshire, got married last August and we are in month 1 of TTC our first baby. Currently on CD30 of a 35 - 40 day cycle, no idea when I ovulated so just keeping fingers, toes (but not legs image) crossed. Babydust to you all and hope none of us are in 'Trying for a baby' section too long. XxX
  • Hi everyone Im sam, 31 from hertfordshire too! Weve been trying for number 1 since nov last year bu UPSI for nearly a year now. Getting fed up with whole thing but loving having the support of the lovely ladies on here x
  • Hi Im Holly 22 I live in Buckinghamshire with Hubby and our DD who is 8 months old. We are TTC no.2 this is our third month trying,am testing 2mor hoping for a BFP for fathers day x
  • Hello...i'm emma, i'm 23 and live with oh, we've bin together 6 year and are getting married nxt june.we live in the north east.

    We are ttc are first...i fell pregnant in feb this yr but mmc at 6 wks n we've bin trying ever since.

    Baby dust to u all x
  • Hi, I'm Lady2188, i'm 21 and I'm from the West Mids.

    Been with my OH 3 years, just brought our first house and now ttc number 1. I fell pg in April using the withdrawal method somehow but i mc'd at 6 weeks. Now on month 2 of full on upsi and nothing! Typical!

    Good luck ladies
  • Hi, I am Mel from Yorkshire. Onto month 4 of ttc our first and testing around 27th.
    lots of babydust.....xxxxxx
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