TTC is so hard!

Hey ladies,

Well ive just signed to babyexpert so im learning still hehe. My partner and i have been trying for our first baby for almost 11 months, due to my partner working away we've really only have 8 cycles to try on. We've trying everything ovualtion charts, a holiday, not thinking about it.. its so hard! We've had all kinds of testa and theres nothing wrong with either of us just not lucky.. Is anyone going through the same thing? or have any tips on helping us along?



  • Hi hun,

    Welcome to BE! You'll find all the lovely ladies on here very supportive, understanding as well as very knowledgable!

    Have you tried a Clear Blue Fertility Monitor (otherwise known as a CBFM)? A lot of us on here have them and they are fab! I got my BFP first month of using it (sadly it wasn't meant to be) but I personally think it's fab.

    Also, take a look at this as it would help you on your way

  • I'm really sorry to hear that! Ive never heard of the cbfm... might have to get it from america havent seen them over here.. lol thanks for the page i was wondering what all the ty's and lo's were. are u still trying?
  • Where about are you miss88? Yep, I'm still TTC, hopefully it won't take too long!

  • Im in western Australia... its amazing how many women are trying for a baby..
  • I would have thought that they had them over there as they are sooo popular here. They can be a bit expensive but I got mine from ebay which made it cheaper. Definetly worth it though in my opinion image

  • yeah might order one.. been really sick the last two days and so tired so maybe i might not need it hehe... but hey i think that every month
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