back already?

Hello all. I posted that i was delaying ttc but here i am asking for your advice. This morning i had some spotting. Finally no cd41! However its not like the usual spotting i get and the cramps are lighter too. Its more like a few big droplets and not a light flow. It has stopped now too. I have a sneaking suspicion i ov later due to coming off the pill. So i think i ov about 14 days ago and we bd that night by my calc. Is it poss to get implantation spotting 14 dpo? Guess i will see if its truly af soon enough.


  • Ooooo I am not totally sure on that hun, didnt want to R&R though....hope its a BFP for you xxxx
  • forgot to ask, if it is implantation should i get a bfp already or would it not show up still?
  • lol welcome back! ooo sounds good pet, hope this is it! i reckon u will need to wait 5 ish days for a bfp if it is, good luck! xxxxxxxxx
  • thanks girls. I really appreciate your support. I'm getting butterflies. But no doubt i will now get a full flow af for daring to get a bit excited. Lol. I just know it is not painful anymore and its all a bit different. Usually suffer very strong cramping and am heavy. If nothing else at least my ovaries are back in business! x
  • yes thinking about it implantation would've been closer to ov. But then again not sure when i ov. Probably start of af. Thanks kerri- will see how it goes.
  • doh. Just twigged i got my dates wrong. If i ov later when i had ewcm i would now be 9 dpo. Silly me.
  • Before I say this you Should wait to test but I got a good BFP at 9DPO last time.

    Lots of luck xxx
  • Thanks Babylove.
    I think this is probably AF now though. image
    Never mind!
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