Advice needed please ladies!

Hi Ladies,

I'm a newbie to ttc so am hoping you can all help me...where do you get your ov sticks from and roughly how much do they cost? And which ones are good or not good? We are only in our first month ttc and I'm not very organised!

Thanks :\)

Mrs G xx


  • u can get them off ebay, im not really sure on price as i have never used them xx
  • hiya, I use the digital clearblue as they are easy to read - you get a smiley face to show you are about to ov. They are really expensive in shops but I get them off ebay - I get 20 sticks for about ??20 and they last for months once you get used to predicting your rough ov time. Just a pointer though - I take my temperature too each morniing and chart on fertlity friend cos getting a pos opk doesnt always guarantee ov. Last month I has a pos pok, then lots of stress at work and I ended up oving 2 weeks later, when i got a second positive and a temp rise!
  • Thank you! Will try ebay then... x
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