Ive been refered!!!

Im feeling so much more positive, should be seeing someone in the next couple of weeks!!! Will finally get some anwsers so i can have my much wanted baby. Im not going bk onto the pill just going to carry on but not make an effort anymore, it took 6months after my last mc to get this far so i think il be safe, just want to get the ball moving now, i learnt from last time no amount of crying or feeling sorry for myself will change things, i need to pick myself up and be the best mum i can to my boys, i know my nans up there looking after my little babies, and i couldnt think of anyone better xxxxxxxxx


  • Excellent news woomummy!!
    ...Good luck with it hun x
  • Oh good luck with it Kim!xxx
  • Good luck hun, really hope you get some answers.
  • Good luck kim hope you get the answers you need xxx
  • good luck and hope you get some answers soon.xxx
  • Kim, you are a credit to the female race. Good for you hun. If i could sprinkle babydust anywhere it would be right on you. I really hope that some anwers are found for you, it will help so much. What a lovely thought, your nan looking after you other little treasures. She's probably smiling down on you while you look after your little boys whilst cradling your little lost angels in her arms. Take care my friend, you're one in a million. xxxxxx
  • Ditto to what B said - she's so much better than me at putting stuffin words!
    As I said to you the other day - you are a star! Good luck with this hun - and don't leave til they help you!

    Take care!

  • What fantastic news lets hope you finally get some answers! Good luck hun, thinking of you. xxx
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