BB Temp?

Hi, My BB Temp thermometre has arrived today and I am on CD7.Do I need to wait to CD1 until I start taking my temp every morning or can I start tomorrow? Very excited (how sad!)


  • Start tomorrow morning chook as you'll be looking for trends up to and after OV! Have fun. It becomes very addictive! xxx
  • Hi MrsMel, I agree - start tomorrow and look for lower temps before OV and higher temps after OV. I use Fertility Friend to chart my BBT and I think it's fanastic; would be lost without it!
    Good luck jun xx
  • Thanks: i am looking forward to it ! What about uring OV? Does the temp plato? Whatking of temp amI looking at ?
  • Hi MrsMel. On the day of OV I get a temp dip - last month it went from 97.58 to 97.33 and then stayed elevated after OV between 97.86 and 98.34. My pre OV temps range between 97.15 and 97.58.
    Hope that helps? Any others questions, let me know xx
  • What time do you take your temperature? I have tried Fertility Friend but (an it might just be me) but I can't find the chart to enter my temperature.
  • I take my temp at 6.30 am every morning. You have to register with FF which is free for the basic package, or you can upgrade to VIP. I paid ??25 for a year's VIP membership. Once you've created your account, you need to click on 'chart' on the left hand side and then a new chart appears. There's also some 'lessons' that you can do on FF which shows you things like completing the chart, etc. xx
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