Accupuncture questions

I have booked to go for accupuncture on Saturday.

My questions are is there a particular time of the cycle you should go ?

And Roughly how many treatments are required ?


  • HI Emzyv
    I just had my first accupuncture on Saturday so don't know that much but as far as I know you can go any time in your cycle (it is safe if you are pregnant too). And generally they recommend weekly treatments for a couple of months and then reduce it to once per month. They will advise you accordingly though depending on what you need. For me it is weekly for 3 months as it is more to sort out my cycle in the first instance and then to boost fertility. (i.e. 2 step approach so not going to happen overnight).
    Hope this helps you!
  • I've been having acupuncture for the past 3 weeks, since my last BFN.

    The therapist isn't a fertility expert but he said he could help - after lots of questions about my life/ health etc and looking at my tongue he diagnosed me with a weak 'Liver qui' which he is trying to sort out. Apparently this is important if you want to conceive. Makes sense as I work in the wine trade... Though I didn't tell him that till after.

    He put needles in my feet, calves, wrists, forehead and ankles. It hurt more than I expected but he said that was because I had stagnations. It felt like a Bee sting. Afterwards I felt wiped out.

    After the second session I felt really calm for a week, but after my last one, last week, I felt really down. He said he was experimenting with which points work best for me so I'll be telling him that the last one wasn't nice when I next see him on Thursday.

    Am due on at the weekend so will let you know my results after a month of treatment. Though not getting my hopes up as he said it would take 3 months - and OH should get treated too.

    Let us know how you get on. Its interesting stuff and hope it works!


  • Hello. I have been having acupuncture for about 2 months now. I have really irregular cycles and painful af. Af seems to be shorter now (from 48 days down to 38 and now on 2ww). My last af was pain-free for the first time in my life.

    If nothing else, I think that acupuncture makes me feel like I'm doing something and like squidlersimons said I feel calm afterwards and a bit sleepy. It can be relaxing (I also thought I'd never say that about having loads of needles in me!).

    I would say give it a go. Make sure you get on with your practitioner 'cause you need to feel really comfortable with them to relax and get the most out of the experience.

    I posted some weeks ago to find out what others thought and loads of the girls on here were positive about it too.

    Hope that helps.
  • Forgot to say there is no particular time in your cycle you should go and your acupuncture practitioner should advise you how often to go, depending on how you get on with it. I did three weeks of going weekly and now go every 4 weeks. xxx
  • Hi

    I have had acupuncture before ttc for other reasons and spoke to her on Monday about ttc and I am going back next Monday as will be CD10. She has a special interest in acupuncture for fertility and recommended going around CD10-14 and then two weeks later for 3 months and then see how we get on.

    She said that I seem to be lucky in that I stopped taking the pill at the beginning of April and just had cycle of 27 days. She did say that when you have been on the pill it causes stagnation which can be related to the cramps you get. Also recommended as your eggs are smoother 3 months after stopping the pill - again linked to the stagnation.

    If you want me to ask her anything specifically about fertility then let me know and will try and ask on Monday. image

  • Thanks to everyone for their replys. I have ben to speak to my doctor today he has said there are no proven facts that accupuncture helps with the whole ttc lark, but what he did tell me is that it could help me to relax which would help ttc. I am therefore going on Saturday.

    I am also having blood tests tomorrow my doctor was surprised to find out i had no blood tests done after m/c in October due to the fact that i have previous dvt.

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