how many dayd po am i???

Hi ladies, got my first smiley face on the cbd sticks on weds then again on thurs but nothing fri, how do i work out how many days po i am, do i count weds which would make me 3dpo or start from thurs which would make me 2dpo???? really confused. also when might i start seeing any symptoms (if im lucky this month?) cheers.


  • i think its counted 1dpo the day after you got a +iv on opk, so you would be 3dpo. to be honest when i fell preg with my son i had no symptoms at all until i was 6 weeks gone, so if you get no symptoms thats a good thing!

    ashy x
  • aw thanks, do you know if 3dpo is too early for symptoms? ive had cramps sort of all day on/off today?? its probobly just wishfull thinking im probs coming down with somethin lol xx
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