Did anyone cave in & test 2day??

Hi peeps, did anyone test today? I'm testing Thur morningif AF doesn't arrive Wed. Zxx


  • Nope, but I'm still tempted. It's been 5 weeks since I started spotting of my mc, and 4 weeks since the start of the actual mc, and I have all the same symptoms now as when I was pg but didn't know it!!

    Good luck

  • it's hard isn't it! I really want to test tomorrow, day before period due, but my hubby has forbidden me!!! image he's probably right. Fingers crossed for us all testing in the next day or two. xx
  • i tested today - AF due tomorrow and got a BFN. It has made me sooo depressed. I was certain I was pregnant - still am certain. I have all the signs I really feel pregnant. But stilla BFN. Hopefully AF won't turn up tomorrow and it is just a bit of a shy bean.
  • fingers truly crossed for you then. How many days past ovulation are you? I'm 10 or 11, only symptoms are tired, v v v v sore boobs and nipples, maybe a bit more peeing than normal,but that could be in my head, lol. Do you have many symptoms at mo? Zxx
  • I am about 14/15dpo ish.
    Symptoms - feeling v sicky, lower back pain in last day or two, a pain in my ovary kind of area, sore nipples - slightly darker and slightly veiny, really dry mouth. feel different from last month but could all be in my head! Just wanna know either way now. So I can deal with it before christmas.
    All I wanna do at the moment though is curl up in to a ball and not wake up till i am pregnant! LOL.
    I really hope the witch doesn't arrive for you!
  • I so know the feeling!! I'm sooo impatient! As I'm sat here typing, my boobs are killing me, down the sides, hope its still a good sign!! Also, got home from work and slept for about 20 mins in front of the box. Haven't even been busy at work, just felt knackered!!! Hopefully, another good sign. Zxx
  • Well I am a teacher so off work now which means more time to think about it lol!
    Think i may even have an early night just so tomorrow comes quicker lol.
  • ha ha - lucky you, i'm working up till xmas eve!! Wish I was busier at work, then I wouldn't spend half the time looking up symptoms on the internet!!! Baby dust to you Zxx
  • I'm also absolutley shattered - could quite easily got to sleep now, had a horrible taste in my mouth for a few days now, nipples are sore too. I have a big blue vein in my (.)(.) which I had last time, but not sure if this actually disappeared with my mc :roll: :\?
  • Hi Rainbow, haven't had bad taste in my mouth, but haven't got much of an appetite. My boobs are always sore before period, but this time, since ovulation, they have been constantly sore, can't even touch them, ran to my car earlier as raining, that killed them! Lol. They are a tad veiny too. Zxx
  • Hi the witch got me tonight am totally devastated to be honest as with bad news always come good (see my post on 2ww) to explain as cant be bothered typing it all out again.

    Its been an emotional 2wks and a crazy night x
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