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Heya Ladies

Just me again.

So a few things have happened since my last post.

Last wednesday i was 4 days late for AF. That afternoon i went to the loo and there was a bit of blood so naturally i thought she'd got me.... 3 Hours later is was gone. the next morning it was a brown mucus (TMI) and that night it was gone. Friday it got a little heavier but no where near a real AF. This morning is was there now its just MIA... GONE!

So I'm still having all the symptoms sickness, tiredness, and SOOO grumpy which usually if there in my head go away when I start to bleed, but not this time.

So i went to see my mum for some advise on what she thought was going on...

I found out with her first pregnancy she had everything i have and she also got a very weird AF, 2 weeks later she tested was a BFN she went to the doctor for a blood test, where she found out she was 6 wks along.

It got me thinking, do we inhert our mum's pregnancies? Could it still be my month? I just dont feel right and everyone is noticing my change in attitude and my symptoms... So can it still be in my head?

I'm needing some advise and comments from you ladies to see what you think?

Im going to the doctor wednesday afternoon

Hope to hear from you all xxx image


  • ooh sounds promising hun i reckon ur PG! let us know gd luck xxxx
  • ooo I hope it's your month hun!! Have you done anymore tests just to see?? It's very possible, there are loads of women that have regular bleeds all through their pregnancies xx
  • Lets hope so Sianyp77!
  • Na havent done a test.. i think ill wait for the blood test. My hubby is getting too excited and im scare if its a BFN this is going to bring him crashing down so trying to stay negitive if you know what i mean... hows things with you huni? (feels weird writing you rname because that will be my first daughters name lol)
  • honey i really hope you inherit your Mums luck.
  • Hiya! I do hope ur pg! DO A TEST WOMAN! The tests nowadays will be a lot more accurate than when ur mum used them.
    Fingers crossed!
  • I'm great thanks miss88, hehe hope I don't put you off the name!!
    I got a BFN on Friday so I'm waiting on AF showing up so I can get started again, little disappointed but my PMA is on the increase and I'm aiming for a valentines BFP image
    Keep me posted on how it goes hun, hoping and praying for your BFP announcement!! xx
  • Never!! its made me want it more because your such a nice person... wow thats sad to hear... Valentines babies here we come!
  • that sounds really promising miss88! i can't believe you've managed to hold off doing a test - talk about will power! obviously its not my call but i do think you should do one now though!
  • i really hope it is your bfp hun, keeping everything crossed for you.xxxx
  • i really hope it is your bfp hun, keeping everything crossed for you.xxxx
  • Hey pet, it all sounds promising! You've got pretty good self control not to have poas yet!

    Angel I tested on Friday too & got a BFN :cry: but my temps are still high & i'm still a bit dizzy & nauseous with no sign of AF so I don't know what's going on! :\?
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