anybody know how to increase ewcm?

hiya, does anyone know what i can do or take to increase my ewcm, i dont really seem to get any? i have noticed *stuff* lol but not what its should look like, its still strecthy but not clear, so im strating to think where is this ewcm im supposed to have lol. i swear i found the tiniest bit when wiping yesterday *sorry lol* but surely i should have more? i have read its normal and some peoples ewcm doesnt actaully come out.

does anyone know what i can do/take to make more of this?


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  • hi mrs image

    I have noted the month i take prenatal vitamin i get more ewcm. I then noticed that they contain evening primerose oil.

    I have read a lot about it increasing cm. So I brought evening primerose oil pills and take them everyday. It may take more than 1 month to show results.

    Don't worry about it not being too clear, but u will notice being (sorry tmi) more wet. They do say its better to check (TMI) after bowel movement :P sorry for being disgusting.
  • lol thats ok riri, im glad ur honest teehee. great, i read that about evening prirose too, started taking it yetsreday so hopefully that will strat helping maybe next month! woohoo xxxx
  • red grapefruit juice - it's gross imo but if you drink it fast, it's not so bad ;\)

    or at least drink lots of water as that helps to increase cm....

  • ooo thanks image red grapefruit juice, oo nevere heard that b4, will get some when shopping next week! sounds yukky! lol xxx
  • Yeah I heard lots of water helps too.....isnt there something in cough medicine also? xx
  • I got more ewcm the day after i had been for my reflexology session! It wasnt when i ov'd but think it may have helped to get my body back in whack as i never had a lot of ewcm either. Maybe also try preseed hun xx Good luck and babydust xx
  • i have read that you can take any cough medicine with an expectorant in it cos it thins down all of your body mucus (yuk!!) You could try preseed if you dont think you have enough?!
    image xx
  • Hi hun,

    I think that preseed stuff is supposed to mimic ewcm! There was a thread about it yesterday i think! One lady swears by it!

  • Hi Mrs*me*,
    I started taking Evening Primrose a couple of months ago for the same problem and all advice (apart from what's actually written on the bottle which doesn't mention it at all!) points to only taking it from day 1 of your cycle until you ovulate, just to make matters more complicated!
    I'm not sure whether I have my BFP yet this month but I noticed a difference in my cm since using it....
    Fingers crossed for this month.xx
  • Hello!

    I kind of have the same issue - sorry in advance for the TMI that follows!

    I notice feeling a lot 'wetter' around ov and see more CM in my undies, but never actually see any strechy stuff in undies / when I wipe. I was a bit worried at first and tried evening primrose oil / grapefruit juice etc. for a few months but didn't really see a difference...

    Anyway, I have since discovered that I do get EWCM (perhaps not as much as some people) but it seems to stay up around my cervix rather than coming out in any real quantity. I only discovered this by having an undignified poke around, lol!

    I still think I produce less than lots of ladies (maybe why it doesn't come out) but I figure that up near the cervix is where it is needed, so it is in the right place at least... I just thought it might be the same situation for you!

    I'm still going to give preseed a try in case and may have another shot with the EPO and see whether that helps too... Good luck in your own quest for EWCM! xx
  • ok thanks girlies for all the info, so i wil be swimming in evening primrose, grapefruit juice and preseed the next few months hehe. lol will aslo try *undignified poke around*

    i reckon i must be the same as u tilty image yeah, i reckon i wil get some preseed to if no bfp this month. xxxxxxx
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