Hi girls!

I've just returned to TTC after having my gorgeous little bundle in November so thought I would introduce myself again!

I was in this forum when TTC ds1 but I'm not sure its any of the same people in here. I was previously gummibear.

I know most people will think we are mad but we are desperate for baby number 2 and so have agreed to start TTC from now although we haven;t exactly been "careful" since our son was born so who knows how long it will take. Hopefully not long as I would love a small age gap even though I know it will be hard! I was an only child and always wished I had a sibling so I would love for my kids to be close or at least have that opportunity.

I'm 26 and dh is 29 and our son is Conall. I look forward to chatting to you all and sending you loads and loads of babydust!

My AF isn't due for another week or so (still trying to work out dates since giving birth but my periods are slowly getting back to normal). Obviously there is the possibility I could already be pregnant but I doubt we could possibly be that lucky!

Would love to hear from you all especially those in a similar position!

A very very excited Conalls mummy and Conall (5 months) xxx


  • Hi Kerri-Anne,

    lovely to meet u! I love this forum everyone is always so supportive!

    Hope u get your BFP soon as well xxx
  • Hi hun and welcome back

    Hope you get a speedy BFP xx
  • Hi
    I'm a Dec 08 mummy (have a little girl called Lorelei) and I know how you feel- we wanted to ttc pretty quickly too but I was bf and af didn't return until Aug 09 and I conceived a month later lol Didn't go to plan but are back ttc this month image
    I think everyone here is really lovely though hopefully we'll graduate to Jan 11 soon!
    Oh btw I LOVE your son's name it is on our top 3 if have a boy, I esp love it shortened to Con and I don't usually go for shortened names

    Rosa x
  • Hi sparkling diamond and mummychop lovely to meet u!

    Rosa - thanks I just loved it as soon as I heard it we didnt even consider any other names after we heard it! Its so bizarre how I just fixed on it! I also liked Patrick so thats his middle name but really dont have a clue what I would call another little man! Thats one of the fun things to come though hopefully!

    What other names do u like? (she says getting VERY ahead of herself lol!)

    Hope u both get a very sticky BFP very soon girls.

  • I'm forever asking hubby 'What you think of this name...?' so I know all about getting ahead of yourself hehe We struggled to agree on our daughters name so I like ot be prepared.
    Boy names we like are Fintan and Roche which is a variant of Rocky which is what we would call him. I like Conlaith which is too similar to Conall to bother with really lol Gabriel is on my list but not dudes so I've no chance there. Patrick is a real family name on my side- we've loads!
    Just read my reply back- can you tell I'm Irish lol
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