FAO those ladies who did the cbfm thread last month!

Hi ladies,

I'm having an epic with my cbfm. it's my first proper month using it (i started back in April, got a high on cd6 so did a sneaky hpt and it was + but sadly had a mc image) Anyway, i'm now on cd25 and have been getting highs since cd7 until this morning when i went back down to low?! Np peak :roll:

I have no idea if or when i ov'd as i don't chart my temps so do you know when i can expect AF?

I could do with some pma on this cbfm thing because i'm ready to fling it out the bathroom window tbh:evil:

If i don't get my BFP this month i think i'm gonna start doin BBT aswell just as a back up? Do any of you do this?

Sorry for all the Q's :\( I didn't wanna g/c your thread as it was very long already! So if any of you ladies fancy joining me feel free. And if it happens again on my next cycle then we can have a mass flinging of cbfm's :lol:



  • Sorry, I've edited this, as I thought you were still on the same cycle, cut I re-read it. Sorry to hear about your mc.

    Did you get a peak in May? Your body may just be settling down again after the mc, or you may be having an anovulatory month?

    Fingers crossed you've just missed the surge and you peaked already. Good luck!

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  • double post, d'oh!!

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  • Hi Lady,

    On my first month using the CBFM I got exactly what you described - highs from when I first started testing until a low on CD25 I think. The next day it was flashing 'm' and the day after that CD27 I got AF.

    This month, 2nd month using it, I got lows from CD6 til highs from CD10-12, then peak on CD13. It;s not unusual for the monitor to take a month to get used to your hormone levels.

    If you're like me then I would expect AF to arrive at the weekend. I would persevere for another month if I was you, hopefully it will work properly next month for you - if you don't get your BFP this month!


    p.s My AF should be here today - but it isn't! Not gonna test til Saturday, I used up all my hpt's really early, about 8-10dpo not even using fmu, so that I couldn't test too early!

    I had no idea really when I OV'd and CBFM has really helped me. If I get my BFP this month, I'll owe it all to the CBFM!
  • Miss Impatient i did read through the thread but i got so confused about who had written what in the end :lol: that's why i thought i'd re-post!

    Isn't it frustrating when you don't know when to expect AF. So far i've had a 28 and a 34 day cycle as well as a pregnancy so hopefully AF shouldn't be that far away! I suppose it could be my cycles post mc but last cycle was 34 days so i'm hoping their settling, fingers crossed! I'd rather her come and get it over with so i can start anew with my cbfm! Of course if i could get a BFP this cycle that would be bloody fantastic. We bd'd enough to cover all days but obviously not sure of OV?!

    I've just brought some more test sticks off ebay just in case! There well cheap on there, 20 for a tenner!

    Sounds good for you though hun, i have no idea how you're resisting but good on you! Hope it's your BFP image
  • Yeah, when threads get too big they can be quite confusing!!

    My AF certainly wasn't far away when I ended up getting the low on the CBFM.

    When I got my peak this month, I was so excited you'd have thought I just got my BFP! lol.

    I hope we've done it this month, but I'm not getting my hopes up too much, been getting AF type cramps on and off for a while. I know that doesn't necessarily mean I'm not pg - why do our bodies confuse us so much??

    If we've not done it this month we're gonna have a break until we come back off hols.

  • I've been having a few cramps too but they could be OV, AF or probably wind knowing my rubbish luck!

    I never thought i would be this frustrated over AF. POAS during testing time yes, but OV?! Constant worry and rubbish this ttc lark! I think if i ever get a peak, i'll be jumping for joy just the same! Even when AF comes this month i'll be like image just so i know what's going on!

    Will i need 10 or 20 sticks next cycle? Or does that depend on ov?

    Aww where you goin on hol hun? If you don't get a BFP this time, you'll probably get lucky on holiday when you're relaxed! With a bit of luck anyway!
  • Next cycle you should only need 10 sticks Lady.

    I used 19 on my first cycle, but think I only used 6 or so this cycle, coz I stopped turning it on after peak! I knew it would tell me I had one more high day and then back to low, so thought it was a bit of a waste! Since I knew when I OV'd, I knew when AF was due - didn't need CBFM to remind me lol.

    TTC really is rubbish fun! I would so like just to be able to say 'Ok, I would like to be pregnant now thanks!', and that would be it, done!

    Until I got my peak on CBFM I was so worried that something might be wrong, but I've relaxed a bit now I've had the peak. I know that there could still be other things not working properly, but at least I know I'm OV'ing.

    I do think though, that babies will come when they're ready and obv mine just isn't ready yet. My sister had 2 miscarriages in a row, but is now pregnant for the 3rd time and has just had her 13 week scan, and everything looks ok so hopefully this time her baby is ready.

    I do sometimes feel sad that I've not gotten pregnant yet, but then I think of all the heartache she has went through and it kind of pales in comparison image

    We're going to Kos on hols, never been before so hopefully it'll be lovely and relaxing! It's not til September which gives me lots of time to continue with my diet and lose even more weight. That's been about the only positive bit about TTC, it has given me the kick up the arse I so badly needed regarding my eating habits.

    It's onwards and upwards!

  • I never got a peak on my CBFM in 3 months of using it, I started temping and defo OV'd this month although no peak *rolls eyes* and I also got a + on an OPK so I can't really help you... when I called they said if you are ttc after mc then you may have a longer cycle or not OV at all but to be honest hun you could have OV'd and it just didn't pick it up. How long is your cycle usually? Most ladies have a 14 day LP so subtract 14 from the cycle length and that should give you a rough idea xx
  • Well we were lucky enough to fall pg in my first month having upsi, not really trying and then i mc'd and since then i have been so stressed, it's scary! I think when you have an mc you think of where you would be all the time ie. I would have been 15 weeks now and have a bump etc. So congratulations to your sister!!

    I used 19 tests this month too, sounds exactly like yours so hopefully i'll get a peak next month image

    Kos is supposed to be fab! I really love the greek islands, i've never been to one and not had a lovely time 8\) So you won't start trying again till September if no BFP this month? Fingers tightly crossed!!

    PrincessMimi i'm hoping that it didn't detect my surge. Apparently you surge in the afternoon so come the morning again, in some people, there's not enough for it to distinguish between high and peak! It should ask you to test in the evening i think!

    My cycles so far have been 28, then i fell pg and mc'd and my first cycle post mc was 34 days and now this one so i'm not really sure when to expect AF tbh. Which makes it tricky to test and really annoying! Bloody useless body! :evil:

    Good luck ladies!
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