TTC - Month 6 Update

Hey Girlies,

Not been on for a while as not trying to get my hopes up about things.

Well its Month 6 for us TTC and after all clear fertility tests from the doctors we have been told everything is normal and we are both ok.

Im 9 days past Ovulation and been trying not to symptom spot but have the following:

Swollen - Achey Boobs (They have only got to be slighty touched for them to hurt)
Lower Back Ache
Constant Tiredness
Funny sensation in my lower stomach

Well due on in 5 days and can't bear the thought of not been successful this month!!!

Hope everyone else is well and sending baby dust to you all xxx


  • Hi Pink_Angel, wishing you all the best for a bfp this month. Glad all your tests are clear. Come and join us on the 6 month + test. I am on month 7/8, but have been having upsi for over a year now. Haven't been to the drs yet for tests, scared they will tell me that I need to lose weight! Which I do! Rather a lot!!
    Still hoping this is a successful month for you, lots of baby dust your way x
  • eeeeeeek! sounds good hun! good luck for testing! xxxxxx
  • Well girlies had some pinky discharge today but not due on until monday so dont think it looks good and think that the witch might be early!!! Im always 28 days so this wouldnt make sense!!!
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