have just watched 8 boys and wanting a girl!

I recorded this from the other night and i am shocked at the lady who had the twin girls!! snobby cow!!

I do have to admit though that i have a gorgeous 5 year old boy and would love a girl but i would be equally as happy with another boy as long as its healthy! My hubby has our son and an older son and i know he would love a girl more than anything!!!

i just can't get over the things people will do and think that picking the gender of your child is unnatural. what will be will be!!!

did anyone else see the programme!!!


  • mrsjc i didnt watch it coz i knew how angry i would get. i have a little girl and of course a little boy would be lovely but at the moment i would just like to be pregnant.xxxxx
  • hi i wanted to see this but missed it. what channel was it on..i might try to see in ondemand x
  • i felt really angry with two of them but not with the other two.

    The woman that did get her girls... in the whole programme was not with her boys... not at one point, make me angry. AND at the fricking wedding, my god it made my blood boil... my bridesmaids... the boys are brushed over.

    The woman who had the failed embryo made me sad, but it made me mad again when she asked for the other boy embryos to be 'discarded'.. just like that.

    The poor lady who cried at her scan i dont know... i am in two minds, i feel for her but she did seem happy wih her lot most of the time. And her hubbie seemed nice and supportive, like it wont ruin their lives.

    I watched it expecting the woman with 8 boys to feature more prominantly but she didnt, i guess they used the woman with the most for the title.

    A lady at my church has 6 boys and says she loves em all and that they are easier than girls.

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