implantation or AF?? opinions please!

I havent been on here for ages have been trying to chill out a bit, but this month im a bit confused & would love some opinions!

last tues week (i.e. 14 days ago tomorrow) I had EWCM but no positive on my ov saliva test. I wasnt testing everyday cause i have very irregular long cycles & i just figured sure its too soon for me to be looking for ov. Anyway the following tues eve I did it & got a +ve & had EWCM & that night & the following night i had what i thought were OV pains there were strong enough for me to notice but not overly bad if that makes sense? since then had sore (.)(.)'s which i get when Af is due. Last night went to the loo & upon wiping bit of reddy/pinky watery blood, nothing on panty liner this am, but again just now when i wiped same type but less of it, again nothing on panty liner either? I have had so many Af's start this way so I'm torn between is it AF or is it implantation?

If its Af then i must have ov'd when i got the 1st EWCM because that is 14 days ago tomorrow & if i ov'd last tues/wed it would make me just 5 or 6 dpo.

so considering I've sore (.)(.)'s which i get before AF & Ive often started AF with this light watery stuff which i your opinions is more likely.

1.ov'd on first EWCM (even though no positve ov test) & its Af on time hence the sore (.)'(.)'s or
2. ov'd last week with positive Ov, EWCM & pains am now 5-6dpo & its mor likely to be implantation. (please bare in mind I got +ve Ov test, last cycle a few days b4 AF whcih is normal for the saliva test, but this was like a week ago not a few days ago)

would be grateful for any replies. thanks

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  • hiya

    i have irregular cycles too so i know how confusing they are!

    i would say maybe wait until the weekend and if no full af by then maybe do a test.
    i'm no expert with ov tests as dont use them but it sounds like the 2nd time was when it happened.

    fingers crossed for you and it is a BFP.

    good luck hun

  • sounds promisng! altho can u get sore (.)(.) and symptoms b4 implantation? im not sure on that one, but i think it sounds good, (new to this) but i would leave it a day or 2 and see if AF shows up? xx

    *sprinkle sprinkle sprinkle*
  • Thanks girls for your replies appreciate it image

    no more of anything today only sore (.)(.)'s & now i have another cold which i just shook off one last week, so not impressed with that!

    Will just have to wait & see not swinging one way or another just yet!

    thank you.


  • Hi hun if you are 6 dpo well they say implantation can occur 6-12 dpo sounds promising when will you test??

    Could be implantation, fingers crossed hun x
  • Hey SD,

    probably will test sunday or monday, have had nadda bleeding, spotting, streaking of any kind since then & normally when its AF i would get it everyday until wham she comes in at full force!!

    My (.)(.)'s are soooo sore now with a very strange stabbing/shooting pain going through em every now & then, Im hungry all the time 2nd helpings of dinner last 2 days & not like me, also hubby's mashed potatoe has suddenly become the nicest thing i have ever eaten!! will be keeping my fingers tightly crossed but my hopes not too high!!

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