Question - peeing after sex?


Feel a bit silly asking this question......but would welcome your thoughts......

Do you think going to the toilet for a pee after sex can impact your chancies of getting pregnant? I usually try and lay still about 30 minutes after sex, but often need to go for a pee after this...there is some stuff that comes out....but am hoping that enough has already started travelling. I know that spermies go up a different channel then what pee comes down, but wasn't sure whether it could still have some impact due to the force of gravity.

Do you think I should worry?



  • hello image
    i thought the same re weeing after sex, do not feel silly for asking any question!!

    they say to not go to the toilet immediately - lying there like you do should be fine. it is natural for some spermies to come out - some will stay inside you for sure. but be careful as you should try to wee after sex to prevent any urine infections, especially if you say you need it.

    good luck hun, hope you get BFP soon xxx
  • I agree with mrs e, i've read it is best to avoid peeing for a little while after sex. I have also read urine can kill the spermies, but not sure if that's true!! xx
  • legs in the air for 30mins should be plenty. Then go pee! image

  • I held my legs in the air for 20 mins, and didn't go to the loo within 1 hr of bding. I think that helped me with my bfp.
  • Bloody hell, you can find out all sort of things on here! You think about these things, but I know what you mean redted, you feel like you are asking a silly question.
  • i lie still for about 30mins after,get hubby to get me a cuppa and then go for a pee! feeling positive this month,will know for sure in a week!
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