stupid long cycles :(

Hi All

CD26 today, no sign of OV on OPK or BBT. Last cycle ended up being 64 days! It's so frustrating waiting so long - I start the cycle with loads of PMA and then it just gradually dwindles so that by the time I might actually be OV I'm just fed up and not in the mood to bd!

Please god of babydust, please be nice to me and make things a bit easier!!



  • Fergy - can I join your new religion and worship the god of babydust too?! Hehehe! I will also be praying to the goddess of clockwork cycles. CD135 today :cry::cry::cry:

    H x

  • MrsRobson - poor you!!!! I feel your pain hun. Are you off the pill recently?

    I came off pill late May and have only had 4 cycles since then...

  • Yes - I came off at the start of August and haven't had a cycle since. I've joined a really lovely group in this forum where everyone is waiting for AF after coming off pill - you may well want to have a look in! While everyone else seems to have cycles and two week waits to talk about we have to find alternative topics of conversation! xx
  • Hey Fergy.
    Please dont stress my cycles were all over the place.. from 28days - 34days - 38 days - 34 days and then last one was 42 days.

    I was on the pill for 10years and didnt ovulate until 5months after i came off it. I used all sorts of sticks and just had no luck detecting it.

    In the end I used the CB monthly stick thingy - and got a faint line on day 26-28ish...

    I was stressing myself out.. wondering why i wasnt ovulating - but it just seems it took a while to kick back into action.

    I got my BFP that month.. the first time i ovulated.
    Just give it time.. if your cycles dont sort themselves out.. try the monthly sticks.. you take them everyday for a month. Thats how i found mine xx good luck xx hope this gives you hope x
  • Thanks Sillysausage101 - it does give me hope. You know when you're just having one of those 'feeling blue & fed up with it all' days?! Thats me this evening, but I'll be fine by the morning!! Thanks so much xxx

    MrsRobson - I've seen that thread, may come and join you.

    I just found my notes from seeing a gynaecologist a couple of years ago. It say's 'bulky uterus and slightly cystic ovaries' - hmmmmm, I remember at the time she said it wasn't PCOS, but I'm now starting to wonder - may take the notes to my GP and see what she says.....

  • Fergy, I had a scan today and have PCOS, came off the pill in sept and no AF since then :x Very frustrating!!!
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