Starting IVF in two weeks time - hoorah!!

Hi everyone

Tend to be a bit of a browser these days as have seen so many people come and go....and often just dont know what to say anymore...but I did want to let everyone know I will be starting my IVF as soon as my next period arives (around 2 weeks time). I am so excited. I just really hope we are lucky first time (1 in 5 chance). We only sort help from our GP in January and now 7 months later we are about to embark IVF. For once the NHS have been really good to us (I should hope so I have barely had a sick day in all of my 31 years). OH as you know has a Bladder exstrophy (had lots of surgery in *that* region) so we are a bit of a unique case which is why I think we were simply referred to IVF straight away.

Anyway I just wanted to try and spread some PMA - in the end hopefully we will all be holding our babies in our arms.

Mrs WB:\)


  • Mrs WB - just wanted to wish you all the best - keep us updated (if you want to of course!!) I'll be interested as IVF might be the way for us...find out on 21st July!
    sending baby dust!!! xxxxx
  • Wow honey thats excellent new woohoo!!!! Fingers crossed in 6 weeks times we'll be celebrating ur BFP!!!!!!!!!
  • hiya nice to meet you mrswb, i am so happy for you!!
  • Thanks everyone.

    I will be sure to keep you all updated. Might do an IVF diary (I thinks MrsAmanda did one?).

    Mrs WBxx
  • Great news! I had my little 8 month old girl through IVF (ICSI) and have just done a frozen cycle for number two(we froze two) and am due to test tomorrow-did test today and negative so dont think its worked this time....all the best and im here if you wanna chat about the treatment etc..
  • congrats hun, the nhs seem to b helping quite a few people, cant wait to hear about yr bfp! xxx
  • good luck for 2 weeks. Hope you get your bfp.
  • Hi Mrs WB, that's great news, really hope that it works for you. Me and DH are off to hosp this Friday to get 2nd sperm test results and if they are low they will be putting me forward for IVF. (I know they will be because they did the 2nd test pretty much after the first so there will be lil improvement if any) I was told that it would be an 18mnth waiting list so 7mnths would be amazing like you. I am a little scared because it seems such a drastic step to take but I am OK about it. I have no idea what to expect so will prob be doing alot of homework after Friday. Good luck getting your BFP, keep us updated. xxx
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