am i in with a chance after all.....

Well cd18 today, had a high on my monitor for 2days now, this happens just b4 ur peak (egg releasing!!!!) and today ive had ewcm!!! Oh is now here til 2moz, bd last night and will again in threory il ov on thursday, so will have manged to bd the day b4, but wont be able to bd ov u think there still a chance...stupid q as i know spermies can live for a while, just not feeling at all confident this month....have written it off as knew oh was going will plug my energies into august bd!!!! Also im 26 on the 31st of july....have decided im guna go out and enjoy it....and if by some miracle im late (im due on my bday!!!) im waiting to be 10days late b4 i test! kim xxxxxxx imageimageimage


  • Hi Woomummy, I think you have a very good chance. I am having a similar exp to you. I have had high days on my monitor since CD11 and today (1st time) I got my peak CD17, I am due to OV in a day or 2 also.

    Very exciting
  • Hi babe

    I would defo say you are in with a chance, the fact it has shown up and also that you have EWCM is great. I have that yesterday and am also due to ov this thursday so it's me and you girl!!!

    K xx

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