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hi all hope your all ok im very gutted my af arrived 6 days earlier than it should i cant undertand why though havnt been on the pill for four years, had mc in march but my af returned to normal straight away oh well just have to get on with it

gl to all and lots of baby dust to everyone xxxx

kerry xxxxx


  • thankyou sooo much hun i know i have pcos but i have never had problems with af sine i lost a bit of weight still got a long way to go but im trying xxxxx
  • I'm sorry to hear that - fingers crossed this is your month! Chin up and lots of Baby Dust your way!!!! XXX
  • sorry af came early love, hope you can get busy again soon and get that bfp!!!!!! good luck lots of babydust for u too xxx
  • Awwww Kerry, sorry to hear that. Its so soul destroying isnt it? Good luck with this month hun, heapful of babydust for you and all who are ttc, lots of love, bluebird xxxx

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  • hello
    thankyou everyone for your support it means alot. i feel so emational this month im not normally this bad in my 5 ttc hope you all get your bfp very soon lots of baby dust to everyone xxxxxx
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