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CD31 of ....I have no idea!!

I'm on CD 31, my AF came on Day 46 last month, Day 34 the month befoe and before that is was always regular coming on Day 30 or 31.

No sign of AF but can't be bothered will all the nonsense this month. I don't know when my AF is due to come. One thing I am sure of is I ovulated on Day 18/19 , Ov sticks showed aN LH surge for three days in a row so not qite sure which day was actually OV day but i have to assume it's Day 19.

So ladies for any of you waiting for a BFP this week, I wish you all the best. I will keep you updated!


  • Day 32 today, and having cramps so AF must be on her way
  • hiya hunny im day 30 now and still nothing and i know exactly how you feel with the whole 'not again lark!!'...

    boo to cramps!!
    did you bd on ov time?

  • Yep we did except for one day which we skipped we BD throughout the whole fertile week.
    I don't know. After last month I really don't mind if AF comes I just don't want to wait another 2 weeks for it to arrive
  • i know we're still bding 'just in case' ha ha! ive told DH we have to do it all the way until a/f arrives... admittedly i thought this plan would work - it seemed liek such a good idea at the beginning of the month and now i feel like im not likely to get a BFP!

    What else can a husband and wifey do!?

  • Lol, well my OH has got the cold, so no bding since the weekend!
    I don't know what's in store for me this month. I'm kinda getting tired of trying. What more is one supposed to do bd three times a day?
  • I feel a bit tired of bding and DH is now like - 'havent we done it enough' luckily for him he is laughing when he says this.... i feel anxious today really anxious that other month has floated by and being on CD31 i still dont actually know where i stand.............................

  • Hi EM it's CD33 for me. my monthly cycles tell me Af due on Fridy but that's cause it's taken a number avrage of my cycles including last months 45 day cycle. So it's like May I had 29 June I had 30 ,July had 30, August 30, September it was 32 and then Oct 45!!! lol
    My breasts are really tender today which may mean AF is well on her way!
  • well i will keep my fingers crossed for you hunny! do you think its making its way then?!!? hasnt your cycle really played around with you? blimey!

  • i can only hope the AF doesn't delay, i've promised myself not to poas until the 10th but don't know if i would last that long. if Af doesn't come by Sunday i think i'm going to test!
  • Hey Jess17!! Remember me?? I'm currently on CD 20...and already feeling the pressure!! Been using ov sticks from CD12 and got a positive on CD17, so keeping my fingers crossed! Currently feeling poorly as have a urine infection, so didn't BD yesterday! Nothing I can do about that now, but a bit p'd off!!
    Good luck for testing at the weekend!! It's my birthday on Saturday, so when I blow my candles out, I'll make a wish for you!!
  • Ah, thanks! Gonna be hoo!! Bit of a let down from last year...went to Vegas for my 30th and got engaged!! Still, a year on and I'm married and TTC!! How life can change eh!?
  • ah thans bashful bride, cause i remember you! Happy B-day for saturday in advance.
  • I'm going to a dinner-dance with hubby and family...kind of a Xmas meal!! Looking forward to it, although will go easy on the booze if I can!!!!!! he he!! Altho if I do that everyone will get suspicious!
  • Should I test at the weekend? Or shall I wait till the end of next week
  • Jess

    I would test at the weekend as I think at least you will know one way or another. My periods are doing the exact opposite to yours. My regular cycle of 32 days has gone down to 24/27. I feel that nature is just being cruel at the moment to both of us.

    Mrs WBxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Go on Jess....TEST!!! You know the score by now hun!! DO IT!!!
    Doctor called me this morning with lab results, I have a bad uti and she now wants me start on antibiotics as they're worried about my kidneys. First proper month of ttc and it already feels like a disaster!! Bit fed up!! Plus it's my birthday at the weekend and I feel lousy! Sorry for moaning!!
    Do your test hun! GOOD LUCK!!
  • oh Bashful hope you get better soon . If AF not here by Sunday morning i'm testing!!
  • Jess - I think if you tested it would show if BFP so if you have sticks I'd go for it.
    Mimime- hope you get inf cleared up soon, it must be awful. If you have got preg then it won't have fully implanted and started getting stuff from your body so antibiotics shouldn't hurt as long as you don't have to take them for too long!
  • unless i'm having another long cycle. my boobs were major sore last night though so i thought AF was on it's way but so far nothing
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