Time to leave you all...

Hi ladies,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you, you have been a great support and such fun to chat to and get through my cycles with. Unfortunately we have been advised by our doctor that we need to go down the IVF route, we always knew it might happen and the time has come, so I am now starting my month of preparation and will be having my first IVF cycle next month. So, I will be moving over to the 'IVF and Assisted Conceptions' board. I wish you all the very best of luck with your ttc journies, I hope that you all get your BFPs very soon and have wonderful pregnancies.

Sending you all lots of babydust.x.


  • I really hope the IVF works for you trixie and you get a BFP soon.

    Best wishes

  • Good Luck Trixie, my dh's cousin just had her l/o from her first round of IVF, so it obvioulsy works wonders! I have everything crossed for you hun! xx
  • Good luck hun, keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on,
    Am sure the lovely girls over there will be there to offer you all the support you need.
    Love MrsH xx
  • Thanks girls, really appreciate all your good luck : ) I'll pop in and let you know any news when it happens. Good luck to you all too.x.
  • Good luck Trixie x Hope all goes well for you and make sure you keep in touch on this board! xx
  • the best of luck with that Trixie.
    Hope everything works well for you and you get a bundle of joy soon. x
  • awwww wishing you the bestest of luck! xxxx
  • Goods luck hun hope you get your BFP

  • I wish you all the luck trixie and hope you get your BFP soon. :\)

  • Thanks so much ladies, all of you on here are just so lovely, I really appreciate it. I'll be checking back to hopefully see all your bfp announcements very soon!!!.x.
  • Hi trixie I'm in the same boat- found out last week that IVF/ICSI is the next step for us. I've just started dipping my toe in IVF and AC forum asking questions as I feel a bit clueless about it all. Our appt to get start treatment is 26th may - what about you? maybe we can hold each other's hand through it xx
  • Hiya little b, so sorry to hear that it is the next step for you too : ( I still feel sad that we are having to go this route, but I am feeling more and more happy and grateful that we have the chance to do IVF. I just 'joined' the IVF and AC forum today, felt strange but nice to be with people that know what it's like. I have been put on the pill for the next 3.5 weeks to stop me oving and then once I get the withdrawl bleed from that (expecting it to be May 15th) I start my injections. The egg retrieval will be around May 25th if all goes well!! So what will be happening at your appt on May 26th? It sounds like we're going to be going through it all at very similar times! It would be great to hold each other's hands through it hun, it seems like such a big daunting prospect!!! I'm so excited but really nervous too. I'll be around on the IVF and AC board if you want to chat there, and my email button is enabled too so feel free to send me an email instead and we can keep u to date with each other's progress!!!.x.
  • Wishing you the very best of luck Trixie. Will miss you as a buddy!
  • so sorry to hear that trixi hope you get your bfp soon keep us posted on how things are going sending babydust to you xxx
  • Thanks girls : ) .x.
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