Symptom spotting has begun!!!

Today I am 2-3 DPO - I'm not 100% sure when I ovulated this month as I have had EWCM on and off since Monday! Officially, I think it was Tuesday as that was CD14 and that's when I've ovulated the past 3 months.

So today, I'm thinking, right my post ovulation sore boobs should kick in - they have done before. No sore boobs!!! I wonder why!!!

I know sore boobs are MEANT to be an early pregnancy symptom but how come I've not had my post ovulation sore boobs when for the last 3 months I have!

oooooh I'm getting all excited!!! and the best thing is, because of my short cycles and shorter luteal phase, I can take an early test on Wednesday next week (4 days before period is due, roughly 8DPO based on ovulation on CD14 if I did).




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