Me too Luc86

Hi Girls

Just wanted to say big thanks and big congratulations to all the recent BFPs! So excited for you all.

Have decided that i'm going to say goodbye for now as i think the ov sticks and couting days in my cycle is making me worry too much about ttc. I think best for me to have a rest from coming onto the forum as although it's SO useful and you girls are great, it's just another thing that makes me think about things too much and think i need to relax about the whole thing.

Thanks so much for all your help and advice and i wish you all the best luck in the world and of course plenty of sticky baby dust. ;\)

Love to you all and will be back soon. xxxxxxx

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  • Hope relaxing helps you get your bfp, good luck!!xxx
  • I totally understand what you mean about this site, its great because you ladies are fab and you get wonderful advice and sympathy when you need it but its also very addictive and makes you think too much about things. Saying that im still gonna keep coming on here! lol. Good luck to you though and hope to hear from you soon with your bfp. xx
  • Good luck smiles, hope you get your bfp soon and come back to tell us all.
    Taks care
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