A moan, rant or whatever you want to call it...

g/c -sorry! But just wanted to say I completely understand your frustrations. When I was ttc I came off pill and waited and waited and waited for af. Every couple of weeks I was sure I was experiencing symptoms would get all excited and get another BFN. I spent a fortune on tests. It was even more frustrating as wasn't having af's so couldn't 'start again' or relax or anything. after 4 months of no af I did finally get my BFP and weirdly I had not a single symptom in the 2 weeks before hand. I think we are just ultra sensitive to our bodies when ttc but it will happen for you and try and keep up the pma.

Sending you hugs and baby dust



  • Hi hun,

    I'm in a similar situation. My nipples are so so sore its untrue and I've been quite dehydrated, both symptoms I had before I mc'd last month. I did a hpt yesterday and today and bfn. I was actually quite suprised to see bfn as my symptoms were so convincing.

    I peed on an ov stick this morn and there was a faint line, so if I ov'd over weekend we missed it as moving house and no time for bd really and if I'm ov'ing late we will miss it cus oh's working away till Friday image

    I checked my diary this afternoon for my cycles before my last bfp and I got bfns on cd31-34 and had spotting around cd36 so thought it was AF but didn't get BFP till cd42! My cycles suck!

    This ttc lark is no fun really. I just want BFP or full AF! I hate limbo!!!!!!!
  • Frillypink, hello hun.
    Pleased that you're feeling a bit better after your 'rant' - feels good doesn't it!
    Maybe its a break through bleed? Don't lose all hope sweety, Go and get yourself a big choccy bar and watch some trashy tv or have a nice long soak in the bath.
    Test again in the morning. xx
  • Thank you ladies for your kind words of encouragement...

    Not much change this morning, still spotting, still getting BFN's... TBH I have the "I don't even care anymore" attitude... I'm just fed up with it and hope my body decides to let AF in the door or give me a BFP - anything definitive at this point :\(

    If by the grace of God I get a BFP sometime this century, I'll let you know!

  • I'm sorry to hear ttc is so frustrating, I've just started on this journey so probably have all this to come. You all use a lot of abbreveations and i'm not sure what they mean. Can anyone explain them to me please? xx
  • Vix21uk the main abbreviations are:

    BFP - Big fat positive
    BFN - Big fat negative
    AF - aunt flo (period)
    OH - other half
    DPO - days past ovulation
    OPK - ovulation predictor kit

    think that's the main ones!

  • I can understand your frustrations! My body also likes to fool me into thinking I'm pg... Do you think that maybe it might be late implantation by any chance? Just trying to rule out all possibilities hun. Last month I had another chemical pregnancy, this month up until today I had no symptoms really apart from sore-ish (.)(.) and was actually quite relieved that I wouldn't have to go through the am I-aren't I all over again but today I had pulling cramps and sharp pains in my lower right abdomen and now my (.)(.) are really sore and I've got cramps and backache... I'm 7dpo so no way is it AF! Argh!!

    Big *hugs* hun and keep us informed fingers crossed for you xx
  • Hi ladies,

    Actually the wicked witch did show up today, still not heavy but it's only CD1.. aggghhh... My friend said to me that since my symptoms were so strong that maybe I had another chemical pregnancy. I kinda think that I might have and since I don't test that early in advance (2/3 days and only once) I could've missed a BFP (or maybe not even get one) which in hindsight is good...

    Oh well, upwards and onwards as I am well & truly out... I really wanted another February baby - my dd will be 3 in Feb 2011 and not so much a baby anymore :cry:
  • Ahh hun I'm sorry the witch got you :\(. I was thinking it might be a chemical pregnancy but you never know and I think it's as upsetting as a mc so not something I suggest to another ttc-er.

    At least with one in Feb and one in March you have a month to save up for bday pressies!


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