Very little CM - normal? (Warning, TMI!!!)


I had my implant out recently and taking the first day of 'withdrawal bleed' as CD1, I am now on CD12. I have been trying to keep an eye on my cervix/CM to try and get to know my body/cycles a bit better.

We have been having UPSI but don't even dare hope for a BFP yet - am just really hoping I get a 'proper' AF soon so I can get to know my cycle lengths etc.

I have noticed that I have very little CM and am trying not to be concerned, as from what I have read it almost sounds like I should be expecting the stuff by the bucket load if I was about to ov! I get the slightest off white-ish hint visible in my undies, but have to check my cervix to really find any, and the it is only ever a small glob (sorry, I know this is waaaaay TMI!) image

I am also confused by the consistency of what I find, as while the stuff near the entrance is really quite dry, but I have been able to find a *tiny* amount of clear-ish, slighty strechy stuff literally on my cervix the past day or two, with also a hint of blood in it (could be just a bit of spotting due to the implant removal perhaps). However I did have some sharp pains in my left hand side and very mild cramping on and off yesterday and even dared hope a little that it could be ov... but with next to no CM around is this even possible?

I'm not expecting gallons of CM but thought it might be present in greater quantities than *just* on the cervix.

I am aware this is quite probably just a consequence of only just having had the implant out, and I'm honestly not getting stressed about getting a BFP or anything - I'm really just trying to understand the CM malarkey for now!

Does anyone else produce very little of the stuff or have to check internally to find it?

I know the answer will be 'wait a few cycles and see...' That is what I keep telling myself lol :lol: I just wondered about other people's experiences of just coming off contraception and CM production immediately afterwards...

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  • Oooh, that was a longer post than I realised - sorry!
  • Didn't want to R&R, I know how confusing/worrying these things can be. When I was on the pill and after I came off the pill, I had CM but not noticeably. I have now been off the pill for a good few cycles and there is a distinct change in the CM. I have also used OPKs and the CM is VERY different the day/2 before, the day of and day/2 after OV. I am sure once your cycles get back into the swing of things and your body knows it is getting ready to conceive again, things will sort themselves out. x
  • ive always got very little CM, the only time i had a little bit of EWCM was a little bit before my AF was due oddly enough!!

    Not really advice, but just wanted to say im the same as you. I use zestica to help things along too though.

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  • Hi, and thanks very much for the replies.

    MrsEH, it is interesting to hear that you were similar to me soon after coming off the pill, but that there was a change after a few cycles. HomeFairy, it is also very reassuring to hear that not everyone gets loads of the stuff!

    I am rapidly realising that almost everything TTC-related is really just a matter of 'wait and see'!

    More very light cramps and the merest hint of spotting today so whether is actually is ov related (wishful thinking!) or just my body's reaction to the sudden change in hormones I suppose only time will tell.

    I think my problem is that I was so busy telling myself not to get hung up on getting pg quickly that I forgot to tell myself not to be in a rush for a normal cycle again, and not to over-analyse my post-implant symptoms for signs of AF!

    I shall repeat 100 times: must have patience, must have patience, must have patience...
  • Write it on the blackboard!!!!
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  • Lol HomeFairy - I will get my chalk out!

    Susiee - thanks for the reply. It is very reassuring not to be the only one noticing these things post pill/implant!

    I am not sure if I am interpreting your timings properly but am I right in thinking you stopped the pill in Jan, then had AF in Feb and are on CD15 after your first 'real' Af now? If so that is reassuring for me as I had been worried that no CM yet meant no hope at all of having an AF in the near future!

    Just away to my blackboard now... :lol:
  • I'm 21 and have never been on hormonal contraception for long, and I've never had much cm, and only once or twice seen ewcm & even then it wasnt as much as they say you have when ov...But I have a nearly 2 year old son who wasn't planned so must be fairly fertile. I'm sure there is a cough medicine (robitussin?) that has a side effect of increasing cm, and can be used to help things along for women who dont have much. But I expect after having the implant out, your body just needs to return to normal. Hope the spotting is af to get things back on track! We're kind of ttc, well, we want to get pg in the next year, probably now wouldn't be the best time but we want to get our family complete asap before we totally change our minds! I'm kind of hoping we get pg in a few months before we start proper ttc, as I know I'll get really stressed with it all.
  • young_mum_gone_mad - thanks for another reassuring post that not everyone gets lots of it. I wish I could remember back to pre-pill/implant days but that was 13 years ago and truly can't remember what my CM (or discharge as I thought of it as then!) was like!

    I am just going to try and chill until I get my first AF - I will keep an eye on symptoms / CM etc but try not to get too hung up on what it means as I know it could well all change over the first few cycles anyway as my body readjusts.

    Lots of baby dust to everyone! xx
  • Glad to have put a few minds at rest! We are all perfectly normal in our own unique ways! x
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