cheapie ov tests arrived today - faint 2nd line

Hi Girls

My bumber pack of cheapie OV tests arrived today (and I know there are mixed views on them here!!) and I did a test (actually I did 3!) and all have come up with a faint positive. Add that to the definite OV type pains and that I'm on CD20 (although temp doesn't show OV yet) and I got all excited, grabbed my man as soon as he walked in the door lol!

But just been reading that a faint line isn't a positive - now I had assumed that a faint line may mean I'm about to surge, or have surged already. Could it just mean nothing though??



  • hi hn. i used tesco cheapie's once and got a faint lines on the run up to getting a pos so hopefully your on your
  • thanks hun - might keep that info from hubby for now, just keep bd'ing every day for a while!
  • Hi chick

    I use cheapy ones off amazon and a faint line isn't a positive i'm afraid. It either means your LH is surging or has surged. I know some girls on here don't like the cheapy tests but for me, they've worked perfectly in the two months i've used them. I OV late in my cycle (day 20) and the first line gradually gets darker from around cd14.

    If your getting OV pains though then who's to say you don't have a dodgy batch - just get on with the bding and enjoy it for what it is image)))

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