Down in the dumps :cry:

Well I am now 12DPO & I succumbed to testing & its a BFN...Not due on until Monday so I know its still early but I was just so hoping it was going to be +ive.

Got a bit of a shock today @ work when I was told an ex-friend had just had a baby & when I worked out the dates, it worked out that they had probably conceived on or around the 1st time they met??? So not fair...I so wanted to come home & get a BFP to cheer me up but instead I just bummed myself out even more. I know I shouldn't have & now I really wish I hadn't


All I want is my BFP & I just cannot stop thinking about it!!!!!

I also haven't told my OH that I tested & he's gonna be really mad!

Sorry for ranting girls!

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  • Sorry you got a BFN. But it's not over yet. Like you say, it is still early, and if you didn't use FMU then the test may not picked it up. Don't lose hope x x
  • Thanks ruthiespoon...I know its silly to get so disheartened so early, but I just cant seem to help myself image It's so horrible having to wait...

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  • Double post

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  • It's not over til the fat lady sings...of AF arrives, rather!
    I'm sure your oh will understand your need to test, and who knows in a couple of days when you get your BFP he won't care at all about the early test!

    Fingers are crossed for you hon, really hope this is your month xxx
  • ah hun it is still early don't forget and it wasn't fmu so it may not have shown up. fingers crossed hun x
  • Fingers crossed for you!
    I know how you feel. I got a BFN today as well and my AF is due today so not much hope for me!
    Try and keep up the PMA
  • Fingers crossed for you hun, try again in a few days time, hope you get your BFP.

  • Aw Curls....please dont give up hope yet as you say you tested early so there is still time for that BFP!! Will keep everything crossed for you!! image

  • Thanks girls, you're so kind image

    Feeling a bit better today after a nice meal out with OH...I cried on his shoulder & told him about the test & he understood, but told me I'm not allowed to test again until Monday at the latest (when AF is due)

    Baby dust to you all!!! x x x
  • ah hun glad youre feelin better today x
    I know it probably feels like a lifetime but would definately try to take OH advice and wait until Monday. Easier said than done i know! x
  • Im feeling down in the dumps too, im 12 days late off af and every single test i have done all 7 of them have been negative! its so frustrating, doctors wont do a blood test for another 2 weeks, no sign of af coming at all. its a nightmare, and if im not pregnant then what is wrong with me, i hate this waiting game, more than 2 weeks its killing me. image

    good luck to everyone else hope you have more luck than me. baby dust to everyone.

  • Ah hun I know how you feel! A friend of mine has just put a load of new pics of her baby on facebook he looks just like her! It's too early for me to test (only 5DPO) but convinced its not happened this month. Hope you get your BFP this month, it may just be too early to tell.
  • Oh I'm sorry...hears me moaning about being 12DPO (13 today) & having a BFN...being 12 days late must be heart breaking!

    I really hope you get your explanation soon...

    I've had a stabbing pain (sometimes so bad it makes me wince) in my lower stomach on the left hand side since 1DPO & it has been there every day in some form...not all the time. I'm worried if its not BFP then what is it??? Had a chat with OH last night & think we are going to go to the DRs if we dont get our BFP this time & put our minds at rest that everything is OK. You're right the not knowing is just so frustrating.

    Baby dust girlies!!! xxx
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