coming off the pill *symptoms*

hello everyone.

came off the pill 28th jan, having a few symptoms, and wondering if anyone is getting similar, i dont no whether these are related to coming off the pill, or possible pregnancy! they sound pregnancy like, but just wated to here from some others who have come off the pill, how they felt? i was on micrgynon.

my bobs are really sore and my nipples, boobs have seem to of gone up a cup size every since OV.(may be coz of change in hormones with not taking the pill anymore) also little niggle in my tummy, may be becuase of my ovarys going back to normal tho? also been feeling a quite sick, and a few more spots than normal.

is this normal from coming off the pill???? *help*

*sprinkle sprinkle sprinkle*


  • Hi *me*,

    I was on Microgynon 30 and I finished taking it in june last year, Its been 8 months and my cycles arent really regular, Ive missed 2 AF's, just missed the 2nd one now, Im about 50/50 if its a BFP, as no HPT/urine and blood test has picked up any HCG yet.
    I had the same symptoms as you when coming off the pill, the only thing is, if you were to go to the drs they would turn you away and say you need to wait a while, I'd give it at least 6-12 months.
    Have you had your WDB yet?
    My cycles after coming off the pill were, this was after the WDB - 28days, 76 days, 43 days and then 34 days and i havent had 1 since, Im on CD 75 today, Im hoping its a BFP but my bet is on its just my cycles trying to sort itself out. My cycles have been haywire since coming off it, during the cycle of 76 days i was convinced i was pregnant which is probably what your going through at the moment.

    If in doubt, take a test........ But i think the chances are very slim. I know how you feel, i was exactly the same.

    Keep us posted.
  • hiya pinkplayboy!

    omg CD75!!!!! yes had my WDB 31st jan, so if my cycle returns to normal strait away will be due 28th feb. i thought coming off would be simple and OV and AF would go back to normal strait away! im guessing not lol, so im guessing its really hard to work out when your OV?

    fingers crossed for your BFP!
  • ooo and im on CD9 so i think its too early to test? xx
  • not CD 9 lol, I mean 9DPO. *oops*
  • How are you counting that CD9 hon? If you're due next af on 28th feb that would be a very short cycle...unless I've missed something!

    (Not sure what WDB stands for so I might just be me being thick!)
  • Ahh there's my answer! Would say yes, a bit too early to test yet. Would wait a bit more before you test. Perhaps until af is due with it being your first cycle.

    You CAN get pregnant your first cycle though - or even whilst on the pill - so you never know!!

    Good luck though! x
  • withdrawel bleed i think?

    and yeah sorry i miss posted that lol, 9DPO xxx
  • Oh of course! WDB! Makes so much sense now! Sometimes I sit here thinking really hard about these letters and its much simpler than I think it is!

    Baby dust xx
  • hahahaha same! i think it is just symptims of coming off the pill, but my brain cant help but think. maybe, just maybe? lol xx
  • Yeah i haven got a clue when i OV anymore, I had to laugh my hubby said last night on the phone that he thinks we are like animals, he was saying about them being on heat and they get pregnant, he reckons that when we are horny he thinks thats when we are most fertile, lol and im actually wondering if thats true or not.

    I would of counted CD01 as the 1st day of your WDB, so you would be on CD24 today. You can use FR tests as they can be good up to 6 days before your missed AF, but as you are waiting for your first proper AF, I'd wait till the 28th to test.

    Keep me posted and visa versa. image


  • Ah you meant DPO, it did look very confusing lol.

  • Your symptoms sound the same as mine when i came off microgynon to start with. Extreme sore boobs and up a couple of cup sizes, feeling sick etc. However these are preg symptoms too just try not to get your hopes up too much in case they arent. I came off the pill in Oct last year and have had regular 28 day cycles since. Just finished cycle 4 and no BFP yet. On to cycle 5 I go!
  • Hi I came off microgynon on 29th jan this year, had my WDB on 3rd feb so am due AF 3rd march if i have a normal cycle. I have been extremely spotty, weird cramps down below, very tired and a bit sick. im putting it down to symptoms of coming off the pill. but secretly i hope its something else! xxx
  • hahahaa yes pinkplayboy! i think your hubby is probly right! will test on 1st, and see what happens, will let you all no! broodybee, fingers crossed for cycle 5!!! youve made me feel a bit better now with symptoms, im putting it down to just coming off the pill, so bring on AF so i can start trying! will test just in case (if AF dont get me first)
  • and yes princessA im the same!!! lol, secretly wish it was, but now hearing from all you guys, im guessing not image

    *sprinkles for us*
  • it still baffles me all these people that get pregnant when on the pill, my mum and best friend for example!!! x
  • i no! u need military procission to get PG! its mad the poeple thet do get PG on the pill must just happen to BD at the right time, on the right day, whilst taking the pill! MADNESS!
  • I know. I used to panic if i took my pill even an hour late when i was younger, crazy. maybe there is some truth in relaxing about it and not 'trying' to hard! x
  • i agree princessA! i think we all get so excited and so worked up about trying and OV tests etc, i think we all stress ourseleves out too much, if we didnt think about it, it would probly happen soner, altho i no its almost impossible just to be relaxed about it! xxxxx
  • That would sure explain why I fell pregnant first time; after 6 months of trying we decided to stop (hubby was out of work), finished the month we were in as we had already BD'd so 'might as well' and fell pregnant! Had af so didn't realise til next month when I missed af and was rather confused because we'd been careful! Scan later revealed all...
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