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very early pregnancy symptoms?!?!

Hey just though I would put this out there to make sure i'm not going mad! I am in my 3rd month of ttc and because my af is a little irregular (usually 4-5 weeks) I have been using an ovulation kit to see when time is right! On the 7th nov (day 16 of cycle) I had my positive lh surge and made sure me and hubby had baby dancing that night and two nights after(sorry if tmi!) Anyway, yesterday and today i have noticed that I have quite sore boobs (i never have this, even when period due) and tonight was eating some fish for my dinner and I couldn't eat it (it tasted way stronger than it usually does?!) Also have noticed metalic taste in my mouth tonight-not sure if this was the fish though!? Anyway, we are only talking about 4 days since I could of probably conceived, Definately was not pregnant last month. Is it all in my mind or is it possible to feel such symptoms so early-anyone else experienced this??? Sorry for the long winded post! Hope someone can help! :\? :\)


  • My last topic post was similar to yours but I didn't get any reply's at all. it's bumped back to page three now with no reply's hopefully you have better than I did with your question. I wish you the best though.
    *Good Luck and Baby Dust*
    Chelley xx

    P.S. If anyone can help pinkpower, please take a look at my post too. ty
  • pink power yes it is possible. im now 25 weeks and very early on i had a similar problem with coffe it tasted stronger if not bitter and i could not drink it. i also had a horribe film in my mouth i could not get rid of it lasted for weeks fingers crossed let me know how u get on . hope this has helped x x
  • Could be one way or other. Thought i had the metallic thing and sore boobs too. Was not pregnant. Although when had first baby had no symptoms just sort of knew i was pregnant as had urge to test. Unfortunately only way to tell is by positive urine or blood test. Have you been to the docs? Good luck and hope you find out soon, know how hard it is to wait. Filo x
  • hi, thanks for the replies girlies! Haven't been to the doctors as af not due for another 1-2 weeks, so i've got to wait!argh! I just feel that something is different within me, also have been getting mild stomach cramps on and off. I don't know its all so confusing! If anyone else has any thoughts on the matter speak up-for me and Novva! ta! xxx
  • hello pinkpower and novva when i was preg with my son i knew when i ov`d as was using ov tests and i just knew i had conceived felt differant very soon after my sense of smell increased i couldnt stand the smell of coffee, and had bad cramps as if a/f was on the way, i really hope this is ya bfp hun i would wait and see if the evil one turns up good luck to both of you
  • i know it sounds odd but before ovulation arrived i felt really positive this month, like i said i got my possitive lh surge on 16th day of cycle ( also had ewcm, and ovulation pains-which i always get) so was confident i had got the right time! I am convinced something has changed but desperately trying not to get my hopes up!! boobies still hurting today and nipples are a little sore (sorry if tmi)! It's easy to look for things when you want something though! Anyway onwards with the positive thinking, will check back to see if any others can help me and Novva,thanks! xxx
  • good luck for when you retest louisa
    i hope you get ya bfp
    i hate the waiting game
  • Fingers crossed for you. Earliest symptom for me with both pregnancies, at arounf two weeks after ovulation was that my teeth ached so that metallic taste could be a symtpom.
  • I having my 5th and have never had symptons till AF due but thats not to say same for you. Know what flamenca means re teeth aching. Its cos your gums swell so makes your teeth ache! Also, the strong metallic taste comes to me about 5 weeks and is like I sucked a 2p peice....ugh!!!!!!!!! with this last preg I was 4 days off AF and on a flight. My boobs ached and i was sick when they put salmon in front of me!
    All the best of luck and tonnes of babydust!
    d xxx
    ps if you test early use clear blue (not digital) OR firstplus 4 day early
  • it has been 3 weeks tomorrow since the 1st day of af and approx 1 week since ovulation on wed. I have seen some posts on here who have done a pregnancy test a week before their af was due and it came out positive. my question is-is it worth doing this or should i sit on my hands and wait despite the strong symptoms i have mentioned before?! what does everyone think? :\?
  • i think i might try and sit on my hands for a bit longer! Good luck for this weekend hun, lots of baby dust coming you way! let me know how you get on. x
  • i will say cm looks alot more obvious than usual, creamy looking. Not sure if it feels obvious it is coming out-sometimes i get that feeling anyway at different points in my cycle! Im gonna have to keep going to the loo to check now! (sorry if tmi!).
  • we started not being careful aug 25th, but have not been watching for ovulation signs until this month ( have used tests to confirm as my af is not spot on every month)-so not very long really, if i get BFP this month would be very lucky! How long you been ttc?
  • would be a brilliant xmas present for both of us! going to get something to eat now as my tummy is rumbling! keep me updated! x
  • anyone who has has a bfp this month-can you let us know what your first symptoms were and how early you got them? I'm still having the symptoms i mentioned before but can't really test till next saturday as my af's are irregular-and that saturday would be about 33 days since first day of last af ( which is a mean average of the 10 af cycles i have recorded. all advice/help would be much appreciated! image
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