How soon can you feel ill

Hi this is my first month ttc, i am on cd16 and for the passed few days i have feel a bit sick, the sick feel i had when i was pregnant first time round, is it something to do with coming off the pill, as know i could not be preganat yet, or for it to show, as anyone had this?


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  • My first month off the pill I felt quite sick just after ovulation all the way up to the middle of my next cycle, also had mega sore boobs but I now put this down to coming off the pill. I am on cycle 6 now and haven't felt like that after ovulation since then.
  • i diid too, all the same as broodybee when i came off the pill, not fun, i was cnvinced i was PG, coz the symptoms are all the same image how annoying! xxxx
  • Thank you both of you, i knew i was not pregnant as just happened like you said about the time i would have ov, our bodys or so funny, just when we think we know them, they show us, we dont at all. lol

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