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  • Princessmimi,

    Thank you! That is so helpful! Still no peaks on CBFM, I'm just trying to look forward to next month when hopefully I'll get my peaks. Although of course, I'm secretly hoping that I'll get my BFP this month. I'm thinking of going to docs if nothing happens before we go on hol (September) as by then we'd have been trying for 18 months. I know they prob won't do anything before we've been trying for 2 years, but I'd quite like to get the ball rolling.

    flirtyfilly, you must have such strong willpower to even be contemplating waiting! I would not be able to wait, in fact when I bought my CBFM I stocked up on hpt's, both ebay cheapies and SD ones, coz I know exactly what I'm like! I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for everyone this month.

    Good luck girlies!

  • I feel similar to you MsImpatient, although i got peaks i didnt get any highs before. this is month 9 for us and was gonna see the dr sooner rather than later as im 33 in dec, my sis has had 3 mc's and had to have ivf for her dd along with daily injections to maintain her pregnancy. i was hoping they might take it more seriously with her issues in the family. really hope i get a bfp this month but hedging my bets in terms of having test sticks and hpts and conception pregnacare vits and pregnancy ones haha x
  • Well ladies, I didn't need to test as the witch got me today, so back to CD1 and now have to start peeing on sticks all over again, hopefully some of you have better luck than me this month!

    Ah well at least it gives me another month to lose weight and did get a nice suprise this morning as well as the horrible AF one (we got given flights to spain in July by my dad & stepmum)!!
  • ah sorry to here that hun, but yay for spain!! im a firm believer in that it will happen for us at the right time (sometimes, when pma has all about left me i do struggle to convince myself tho) fingers crossed for next month sweetie x
  • Aww that sucks flirtyfilly! AF coming I mean, not the flights - how nice of them!!!

    I have a feeling that we won't do it this month either, but I have aaaaages yet til I can even think about testing - boo. But again, like you, I'm looking at it as another month to lose weight. Have lost over a stone in about 6 weeks. Have needed to lose weight for ages, but the incentive for me is that I wanna be able to see my bump when I do get my BFP, and not just jelly belly! Also have a feeling that if I do go to docs, he'll just tell me to lose weight.

    Kaiti B, my sis also had 2 mc's. She is now pregnant again, and i so hope that this one is sticky for her. Don't think it's anything for me to be concerned about, she had lots of tests and docs couldnt find anything, said it was prob just bad luck. But these things do have a habit of preying on your mind don't they?? As much as I love this site, sometimes I think there is such a thing as being too knowledgeable. At night I wonder why I haven't fallen yet and imagine all sorts of things being wrong. Don't think I'll be able to relax at all even if I do get my BFP.It's all my own fault though - I'm addicted!


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  • Ms Impatient, same here, I had one skinny summer when i was a size 12 and then shot back up my usual 18/20 and then pregnant went over to 22/24 and hated it as i didn't even look pregnant til i was nearly 8mths gone!

    So as we had the chance to plan this pregnancy i was determined to lose weight and get a proper bump! I've done three stone in 3 1/2mths but really struggled to lose any last 4 weeks, so need to step it up a gear as hoping this will be last month of severe dieting as will get that BFP by end of June! Also have another 3stone to go really!
  • MsImpatient,
    Here is the link to compare your sticks to http://www.twoweekwait.com/peesticks/displayimage.php?album=random&cat=5&pos=-154

    also if you google "clearblue fertility monitor blue lines" or similar you'll get answers to finding out what the stick lines mean. Fingers crossed for you this month! How old are you? I'm sure they'll start doing tests after 1 year of ttc have you seen the doc recently?

    Filly, sorry to hear about AF showing up but glad to hear about your free flights! Where abouts in Spain? I live in Mallorca!

  • We'll be off to Javea (costa blanca) my family live out there so our usual holiday location but new foal and wedding savings mean no break this year so my DS hasn't seen his grandad since before xmas! They miss him so my stepmum has treated us to flights out for my dad's birthday as a surprise for him!
  • I have about another 3 stone to lose as well flirtyfilly. Been kinda fed up with the diet recently, so have eaten what I wanted over the bank holiday weekend, but am starting fresh tomorrow. I am looking forward to eating healthily again, and seeing the scales go down and this is when I tend to lose the most weight. I'm currently a 16/18, depending where I shop, so I know it won't take me that long until I get to target weight.

    Thanks princessmimi, I can't really remember how dark the other line was, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't as dark as the line that is there every morning, so maybe I'm not ov'ing image That seems like a good idea though, writing the days on the sticks and taking pics. Might do that next month. I just hope that I get peak readings next month... I'm 28 princessmimi, but my doctor isn't always the best at bedside manner so I'm a bit scared that he'll just shout at me for being overweight. I still have plenty of time, and losing weight before I go won't do me any harm!

  • Ms Impatient that seems like a healthy attitude alround and at least us fatbirds have something positive to look at for the next month when the witch arrives, even if it is only salad! hehe

    I'm sure your doctor wouldn't shout at you, but i am confident that he would accuse your weight as the 1st cop out before looking at anything else, which is really unfair but predictable of many doctors!

    Better go and find the instruction book for my CBFM and work out what i have to do at beginnng of month 2, never looked at that bit as hoped i wouldn't need to!
  • Hi girls,
    MsImpatient unless your weight is the result of an underlying prblem (for example pcos) then as long as you're eating healthily and losing weight then this shouldn't be an issue with you not concieving! Is there any way you could bypass him and get to a gynae?

    Filly you press the M button on CD1 (first day full flow day of your AF) and it goes back to the begining for you

    I'm CD15 and just peed on my 10th stick, (high reading) not doing any more this month because it's such a waste of money! Last month I did 18 sticks and I know I've OV'd so I'm not doing it again!

    Gonna give the helpline a call this morning and see what they say

  • Hiya just a quick update, I called the Careline and they're sending me some free sticks, she said next month if I get the same thing to send it in and they'll investigate for me. Obviously I'm hoping there won't be a next month! x
  • Hi girls.

    How is everyone feeling today x

    Flirty I was just about to ask the same question. I was wondering how it knew my cycle was 28 days. My monitor says I'm on day 23 but I'm sure I'm on day 24. Mm not sure. Did test this morning but think it my be too early.

    I'm with the rest who is losing weight. I've lost three stone but have stuck and gained a little over the last six months. So need to get back on track.

    I wonder if we get any bfp from our monitors this month then x x

    ps could my period come five days early? I have had a little dark brown cm and don't normally get this until day before af. Not due until Sunday. Think I'm about 9dpo x

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  • Vicsy, could it possibly be an implantation bleed? I read that implantation bleeds occur anywhere from 6 - 12 DPO. I really hope that's what it is!!

    Princessmimi, I've never been tested for PCOS but I don't have any other symptoms of it apart from my weight, which is totally my own fault. I used to be a dancer but had to give it up because I injured my knees, and I couldn't do any exercise for a while, was depressed because I couldn't dance so I comfort ate, then when I was able to do some exercise I had become too lazy!

    My periods have always been fairly regular, don't suffer too much from PMT and I really only get one day of bad cramps, but even then they're not bad enough to interfere with my daily routine - still able to get to work etc.

    I really don't think that my weight has anything to do with it, but I suppose I'm a bit ashamed of it so want to get it off before seeking help.

    I'm not sure if I could bypass him, I'm never at the docs - literally not been in about 5 years except for seeing the nurse for smear tests and contraception! I might even make an appointment to discuss it with my nurse, she's really nice and is on the big side too, so I know she won't judge me.

    I hope that you get to the bottom of what's wrong with your monitor, or don't need to coz you get your BFP!

    When is everyone testing? Or are you just waiting to see if AF arrives? That's what OH wants me to do, but not sure I can! AF isn't due til a week on Sat which seems like ages away, but if I test 4 days beforehand that's only a week away. I can just about cope with waiting that long. Even though I've been trying not to, I can't help symptom spotting! I'm a bit confused coz I'm used to having 29 day cycles so that would make me 9 DPO and I have been having noticeable cramps and boobs very sore. My gums were also bleeding this morning when I brushed my teeth which they NEVER do, and I'm sure I read that could be a symptom. But last month was a 34 day cycle so if I go by that I'm only 4 DPO which surely would be too early for any symptoms?? And then, of course, if I go by CBFM I haven't OV'd at all this month. AARRGH - I thought the CBFM would make things easier, not more difficult!

    Well this has turned into an epic post - hope everyone is well and has lots of PMA. We will do it with or without the CBFM!!

  • Hi girls,
    Sorry af got you flirtyfilly, fingers crossed for next month,.

    Af now 2 days late even by taken into account my longest cycle, did test this morning and was bfn. So annoyed at the moment my cycles seem to be getting longer every month and it's my 5th month off the pill, now on day 37! Fed up so got home and eaten nearly a whole box of milk tray and now feel quite sick.

    Wish af would just show so i could start using cbfm and move onto month 3.

    Good luck to those still waiting to test , keep my fingers crossed for you x
  • Vicsy that could well be an implantation bleed! I had one last month with my chemical pregnancy at around 8dpo. Fingers crossed for you this month, it's looking good!

    MsImpatient, I'd see the nurse then if you think she'll be more understanding. Your weight has nothing to do with your ability to concieve so don't let the doctor fob you off!

    Tilly sorry to hear you're having cycle issues, what were they like before you went on the pill?

    I'm going to test on day 22/23, if I get a BFP I have to carry on with the progesterone so I can't wait for AF to be late as I need to know! Hopefully I won't need the free sticks and I can send them on to a lovely lady that needs them! xx
  • Hi Girls,

    Missimpatient, princessmimi I do hope that is the case. However, I do feel with the luck I have at the minute that its just af deciding to come even earlier than last month. Fingers crossed though, how long does it take a positive to show after implantation? any idea?

    MissImpatient, don't let the doc fob you off, I agree with the others, go and see your nurse. I had the opposite problem with pill, nurse was horrible to me. Only slightly overweight but she kept telling me I was obese and wouldn't get my pill next time. (Not a good way to tell an ex bullimic but hey ho). Just make a list of things you would like and go and see her. At least you know all of your questions/queries will be answered in one go.

    Tilly, sorry to hear about your af going awol. It could just be your body getting used to your hormones before your bfp though, some ladies take a while before it registers in the fmu so fingers crossed. Lets hope you kept your receipt and can take it back as you don't need it.

    Princess, I'm sorry to hear about your mc, it must be awful, when are you on day 22/23? You must be very excited/apprehensive. Let us know how you get on.

    babydust to all xxx
  • Vicsy a friend of mine had implantation pains on 7dpo and got a bfp on 9dpo but to be honest I'd say wait about 4 days at least, also depends on which CD you are too. I'm due to test next tuesday June 8th, that would be CD22. I'm really scared actually, and usually have cramps etc from a few days after OV and had nothing this month, so I'm not confident... Although I've had a pulling muscle type pain this morning?

    When is AF due Vicsy?

    Babydust to all *chucks babydust around madly* xx
  • Well girls, I've finally had a change from all my 'high' readings. It's went to low this morning - not too sure what to think about that :S

    I've had a look back through my previous posts, and I thought I felt OV type pains on May 20th so this would be about right if I did OV then. Should I keep using the monitor until it flashes 'm' before testing? Or just test anyway coz if I had OV'd then, I'd be about 13DPO now?

    What do you think?

    I had a dream I was pregnant last night, and was soooo disappointed when I woke up that it was just a dream. I promised OH that I wouldn't get too obsessed, but it seems like I can't help it!

  • Hi there

    Princess I'm on day 24 and got more pink cm. I've actually used something as I'm thinking my af could be four days early. Did a test Whig I shouldn't have done and it was obviously a bfn. Hey Ho. Had a really bad cold and have an infected face so maybe my harmones are to pot. I have a 28 day cycle.

    Missimpatient I would just turn it on every coupl of days and reset if af comes which hopefully it won't. I hope your dream comes true x
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