So I am having a day 21 progesterone test...

...I went to the Dr today to have a smear test and also asked about TTC, since we have been trying for about a year. I gave up the pill in Jan 08 and it took nearly 6 months for my periods to even re-start. Then they were very long cycles and also irregular so I asked about it today. The doc was very nice and suggested this test that you are meant to have on Day 21 of your cycle, though it varies depending on how long your cycles are. My last one was 46 days, 42 before that. This current one started Jan 4th.

I have booked the test for next Monday but I don't know if this is right or not. The only other day I could do it is this Friday but I don't know if it makes a difference. I took AC this month, and noticed EWCM last week, so I decided to stop the AC in case that was me ovulating.

Has anyone else in a similar situation had this test, and if so, how did you work out when to have it? What I don't want to do is book it at the wrong time and then get worried because the results say that something isn't happening that should be, because I took the test too late or early.
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