How do I go about getting tested for PCOS? I'm going next week to have my bloods taken to see if I have OV this month. Is this something I could ask them to test for or is it more complicated than that?

Just read that some people with PCOS have brown patches of skin which I developed on my face a couple of years go.

Christ I'm like Dot Cotton diagnosing myself with everything LOL



  • ...mine was diagnosed when I hadn't had an AF for months!! it was a shock but they found it during an internal and external ultrasound...
    a few weeks after the diagnosis..after we decided to go private...AF appeared and has been for last three months - TYPICAL! but at least we're on our way down the long road now...
    good luck!!xx
  • Grrr - I just typed a long reply and lost it.....!!!!!

    So will start again!!!!

    Hi BB,

    I have PCOS and was diagnosed after an internal scan.

    If you think you have it - then ask your doc to get you tested - if your family members have it - such as your mum or sister etc - then mention that as it is hereditary apparently.

    Also other things you might want to look out for if you have PCOS - are facial hair, hair growing quickly - such as leg hair after shaving! Some PCOS sufferers are over weight and find it hard to lose weight, some suffer with depression, some have thining head hair - there are lots of things like this - just google PCOS - and read up - I thought I had it before I was diagnosed.

    I didn't notice that I was hairy - until I came of the pill - I don't have it really bad, but have noticed a few stray eyebrow hairs on my chin ....lol!!! And my face is really greasy since coming off the pill too - not sure that has anything to do with PCOS...lol!!!

    Best thing hun - is to ask your doctor to get you checked out.

    Apparently thought - 40% of women have PCOS - and most of those don't know they've got it and conceive naturally - so keep on bding...lol!!

    Take care - any questions feel free to ask hun!

  • Hey Baby Blaylock

    As mummy wanna be says there are various symptoms like being hairy might give you a clue

    But the thing is it is a syndrome so there are a whole basket of symptoms but you would be positively diagnosed showing 3 or 4 of them I think

    I am not hairy but have high testosterone and FH LSH levels are different to normal

    But the main thing is the ultrasound scan showing the cysts

    In summary is hormone profiles and ultrasound then they will probably refer you to a consultant

    There are a few things you can do to improve your fertility have posted tonight and will cut and paste

    Couple of things that you can do right now to help yourself fight the PCOS and maximise your fertility

    If you are not in the normal weight range loosing even a modest amount of weight can really really help you. Increasing your muscle mass by exercise eg light weights body pump classes etc

    Also adopting a low GI (glycaemic index) diet.. the type that diabetics use. Super briefly sugary, refined white carbs eg white bread sugary breakfast cereals things like ripe banana are out

    Good things are protein, rye bread vegetables etc

    A good book is PCOS and your fertility by colette harris and theresa chung. Has detials of diet and supplementation plan. Very sypmathetically written is 12.99 cover price but I think I bought it more cheaply on amazon

  • hiya...I've definately noticed the growing hair symptom...especially after shaving my legs but also after having my hair cut - I really need it doing every 2-3 weeks now whereas when I was on the pill it was every 6-8 weeks!
    There was an article in the Times newspaper on Saturday about PCOS and its symptoms / suggested diet - quite useful altho it won't match everyone (you can find it via the timesonline if you google it)!
    good luck ladies xxx
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