I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi ladies, Sorry I've not been on for ages but have been lurking, congrats to all the BFP's and welcome to all the newbie's!

I am at a total loss with my body, my cycles seemed to be getting shorter with the 3rd since the pill going down to 30 days. The 4th went up to 39 and I thought I'd give it another month and then start Agnus Castus if the next one went over 35 days. Well here I am on my 5th pill free cycle on a stupid CD84!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have taken loads of hpt's and nothing, have had cramps, bloatedness, constipation, cervix always changing, no CM but kind of white lotion on very close inspection (internal), weight gain inc boobs and no af. I couple of days ago I thought I had a funny taste in my mouth but swear I imagined it really. I went to the docs 2 weeks ago and he said to come back at the end of the month if no af, my appt is 2moro. He said he would refer me to the gyno but I'd prefer a blood test first, not that I think I'm that lucky but think it'd do no harm before an internal.

Things have also been stressful at home and now we are having money issue's and my DH is too stressed to BD much. We're still ttc as things should change before any LO's arrived but it isn't helping anything. Just wish I at least had a regular cycle, my doc said that for the 1st pill free yr our bodies can do all sorts so he didn't seem too bothered. Will update after appt, sorry to start with a rant but 84 days WTF.


  • Hi Porky. Welcome back. Sorry you are having trouble with your cycles.

    I hope your appointment goes ok, and they help you out. xx
  • You poor thing. Hope your AF or BFP arrive soon. 84 days is rediculous! I know it must be hard but try not to stress to much because stress makes you late anyway xx
  • Nice to see you back Porky. But sorry to hear how frustrated your feeling. I have no real words of wisdom cos I haven't been in your situation but didn't want to R&R. Hope that they find something out for you tomorrow and you can get some kind of answers.

    Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you. Try and keep your chin up, I know it's easier said than done.


  • hi honey nice to see u back! looks like ur in the same boat as me (cd92) so no what a pain limbo land is!!!!!

    Good idea about the bloods 1st they might be able to pick something up, i'm off to the gyne of the 15th july so will be able to let u know what happns from that point- already had the bloods etc done! xxx
  • welcome back, sorry you're having a tough time, good luck and heres some spare ***********baby dust**********



  • Hi honey, i am sorry to here so much is going on right now. I am on my second month of trying and my first real AF was 28 days bang on and now i am a day late with no signs of it coming.

    I have a feeling it's just the pill messing with my body. It's a real pain as there is nothing you can do but at least you will be seen and make sure you get a blood test and then see what else they can do.

    I hate that feeling just waiting for AF.

    Big hugs xxxxxxxxx
  • Thanks for all the replies and support, you're all fab and we all deserve our BFP's really soon. I think I'll be here for a long time now, after 7 mths off the pill I'm no closer to a regular cycle or knowing my body. I guess it's time to relax and go with the flow until I can at least have a good shot at ttc and BD'ing at a good time etc. In the ideal world that would bring me a BFP as they say these things happen when we relax. If not then each month brings us closer to having tests done which could help too.

    Ok I'm rambling again. Thanks chicks xxx
  • Welcome back porky, sorry to hear you have been having such a crap time. Good luck tomorrow, hope they sort you out! x


  • hey chick!!
    good to see you back!!
    well i'm still here, last cycle was 41 days, one before that 50!!
    so i'm also back on angus castus this mth, started new job a week ago so back to ttc full effort instead of half hearted last mth!! can't get on here at new job so just trying to catch up at night once home, if i can prise laptop off oh!

    let us know how you get on at docs, hope he does the blood test for you!!!
    good luck
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