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Hi Girls
Honest Opinions please....
Had spotting from Sunday to last night. Very light brownish colour. Have now taken 5 tests at different times of day over 48 hours, 2 of which had definate (although faint ) lines.
Stopped spotting all together last night and then this morning started bleeding. Not as heavy as af is normally and no egg come away yet.
Going to drs tomorrow after speaking with NHS direct today. Last test taken tonight with very diluted pee(sorry for all TMI) and was negative..

Think this is just af and not preg or what????


  • Not sure what to think, why don't u try with FMU tomorrow. Good luck at the docs, hope its a BFP.
  • hey

    sorry i'm losing track with everyone's history - have you recently come off the pill?

    it does all sound rather strange. are you now officially late for AF?

    i'd test again tomorrow with FMU and also see what bleeding is like when you wake up

    good luck, hope you get some good news at docs xx
  • Its the FMU that are coming back -.
    The ones i do at night at the ones that come back with the faint lines. Strange.
    I guess dr will just do blood or somet.

    Gut feeling is that i am not pg but its nice to hold onto that tiny bit of hope
  • my fingers are crossed for you xx
  • No been off the pill a year. Been ttc for 2 months.
    It is around the time af is due these last few days. I would accept it as all been af if i didnt have the positive resullts aargh
  • hmmm why do our bodies have to be so confusing

    i would probably feel the same as you because if your AFs are not normally like this and you have had a faint positive, there stands a chance you are pg. i really hope the doctor can tell you one way or the other tomorrow.

    lots of pma to you xxx
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