Coming off the pill

Hi everyone, This is going to sound strange but who feels so much healthier now there off the pill?? image

Im on month 3 of trying to conceive. But im on month 4 of coming off the pill wasnt really trying properley 1st month.I have been lucky since I came off the pill I have had 28day cycles. I think down to the fact I have took starflower for about a year prior to coming off the pill.

I cant believe how much energy I have. My af are shorter and less painful my hair is less greasy my bum has gone back to being toned and my boobs have got larger. I feel more positive than ever hardly ever depressed. Apart from no bfp for 3 months of course. on cd8 of month 4 fingers crossed bfp this month

Does anyone else feel so much better? does anyone ask themself why we have put our bodys through this for years ?

Lots of baby dust to everyone


  • i agree totally ! i hated the pill i always felt ill! i'm into month 6 of ttc! and thats depressing but i do feel alot healthier now!! good luck and lots of baby dust to you!!
  • I think the pill made my IBS worse! I haven't had a proper stomach ache since coming off it at the end of March. Still get pain, but nothing like I had! xx
  • I don't feel any different to be honest! Apart from heavier AF!!
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