too scared to test!! opinions please

Oh no this the first month i didnt poas all the time & its the worst thing i ever did! Im due AF about Thurs/fri.

I used a saliva OV test for the first time this month got positive on it & OPK sticks i had left over so i know i OV'd already, but messing around yesterday & i got another positive on the saliva test so after lots of googling found out that many girls got the ferning again when they were pg.& also some get it at the end of their cylce (where i am) so just to confuse myself a little more I used my last OPK stick today & its a damn near +ve (line nearly as dark as control) & i know also +ve show up when pg on them too, but i dont think you should get that when AF due or can you??

Have sore heavy (.)(.)'s with blue veins, tired, lower back ache, pulling, stretchy pains down below, ratty, tearful & really quite snappy but these are all the signs of AF too & a teeny bit of pink cm & teeny pink when wiped a few times (have gotten this for a few days before full flow before) BUT the other day had proper red when wiped thought it was AF really early but nothing since & never had that before its always been pink/brown.

Ok so Honest opinions please who's thinks more likely to be BFP & who's for just AF on the way???

KJ. x:\?


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