:o Milky Discharge from my nipple (tmi)

Hey image

I have no idea why but I had abit of discharge from my right nipple, I havent really been thinking about anything pregnancy related, I was having a bit of a break from it, I feel alot calmer about it now and I havent used OV sticks this month either. I started noticing that my left boob is warm but my right feels cold and damp to the skin, Didnt think much of it as just had a shower. I dont know why but I just gently squeezed my right nipple and this milky discharge came out, Nothing came out of the left nipple. Nipples dont feel sore or anything, just the sides of both of my boobs are sore on and off.

I have had this before but that was years ago and found it out to be my contraceptive pill that caused it which all happened when I 1st started taking the pill, almost 10 years ago.

Is this something I should get looked at? Anyone else had this recently? image


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  • hey mpp!!

    haven't really got any answer to your query but wanted to say hey!! af arrived finally after 76 days and i am now on cd3!!

    sorry i am no help but i am proper clueless about bodies!!! lol

    hope your well and good on you for being relaxed about ttc!! it is far to easy to get carried away!!!

  • Hiya JC,

    Well im glad it turned up in the end, At least you know your ovulating image , thats what i was thinking after my 80 day cycle, I was so convinced I was pg all the way through, but god I hope we dont go through these long cycles again, just torture!

    What is your AF like? Sorry if its tmi but I found my blood flow to be quite dark in colour than normal and had hardly any cramps/pains. Didnt really feel like I was even on my AF but it was too heavy for it to be anything else.

    Thanks little wolf, I had a browse on google last night about it and they said its normal, although they said its more of a worry if Its only coming from 1 nipple but this morning I had some from the other side, so not so worried now. Im gonna leave it alone now, although did a FR this morning hehe and got a v v v v v faint line but Im going to wait a few weeks and see what happens! image

  • Hi MPP

    Good luck hun with the faint line, hope they get stronger for you and that you get your BFP xx
  • hello,

    There was a qus by one of the girls about milk leaking few days ago and I replied the same thing that it may be high level of a hormone called prolactin.

    Look at this:
  • hey mpp!
    af was awful for the first 2 days soooo heavy it was unreal! didnt have bad cramps as such more a real bad ache for about an hour!! nothing 2 paracetamol and hot water bottle couldn't cure!!!

    ooooh check you with the faint line but tut tut for the early testing! have my fingers crossed its a bfp in a few days!!

  • just saw this and wanted to just ask if u have done a preg test???/

    reason i ask is when i first found out i was pregnant with my 1st bub i only did a test because i had a white milky discharge from my nipple x

    i rang my sister thinking i had something really wrong with me and she said do a test and i did and it was positive xxxx

    good luck xx
  • Hi MPP

    Have you tested yet, could be a good sign xx
  • Argghh I got home from work last night and realised hubby took the laptop. I went on my phone and tried to reply but it would of took me years!!! Tried to sign up for those free pg tests too but I too like you said SD couldnt understand why it didnt ask for a house number so i left it.

    I havent done another test, I might wait a few weeks till next AF due, Havent a clue how my cycle will be this month, I didnt use the OV sticks so not sure what CD i OV'd.
    It might just be my eyes seeing a line coz hubby couldnt see it and i took it apart and everything :lol: One minute i could see a line the next i couldnt, so might be my dodgy eyes! image

  • thats a very good pregnancy sign ... I hope u get ur bfp
  • I hope so too Riham, Ya know for a while i wondered what your letters meant and its only just occured to me that its TTC, Somethings wrong with me i think! hehe

    I know quite a few people who got BFP's after they had a milky discharge and thats basically the reason why i tested and then again it can be normal to some people, but ive only noticed it once in my life, So fingers crossed!

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