Right, PMA all the way!

This is month 7 now, officially, and I'm determined that this month will be our month. I'm due af on the 1/2nd June and we have a babysitter arranged for a nice meal out for our birthdays on the 31st (its hubs on the 22nd and mine on the 31st so we decided to have a meal on mine as its a sat image )

So I will be telling my fantastic hubby that I'm pregnant on the 31st may (I'm not taking BFN for an answer :lol: )

I've warned him he'll be exhausted this month image and hopefully that should do the trick (along with lots of babydancing) image
I've got a firm grip on my PMA and the little minx is going nowhere, and I have a big bath full of sticky baby dust that i intend to bathe in everynight before bed... I also have a nice calm relaxing room to hide in so AF oesnt know where I am

Am sending lotsof baby dust and PMA to everyone else trying, and heres hoping May is a great month for us all!



  • Good luck StephY, my pma had fizzled up today as af came yesterday and I'm on month 5 now, but you've cheered me up! feel more +ve now!!
  • I know I cant either! month/cycle 7!!!!! image

    but it will be the last one, I'm sure :d
    and youre welcome for the card - have a late pressie for you as well image image

    Am glad I can make someone feel bettter - you lot have helped me muchly over the last months, glad I can return the favour.

    COME ON LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WOW StepheY, its wonderful to hear that you are full to overflowing with pma, im certain its gonna be your month, your poor oh wont know whats hit him. lol. xx
  • Ooohhh Stephe... you are briming with PMA and it's so infectious - you've made me feel all positive.

    I really hope you get that BFP this time honey - I'm keeping my legs crossed for you (well you can't cross them :lol: ;\) )

    Bags of babydust and have fun (poor Mr Stephe - he isn't going to know what has jumped him image image )

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