Another CBFM and BD question

I'm currently CD16. I had my 4th high in a row today and just wondered what is going on. I've been using CBFM for 6 months (with a break in the middle when i had my mc) and have only ever had one high before my peaks before. Any ideas - I know other people get lots of highs but it's so unusual for me? Also do you try to BD on every single high day - we have so far but I'm getting a bit exhausted now!!!!


  • Hi Emma

    I had 6 highs before I got my peaks - that was the month we conceived!! It can only be a good thing your v fertile this month! We BD every day I think...hubby made the most of the excuse!!

    Good luck, here's hoping this is your month xx
  • Hi hun,

    I had quite a few highs, about 10 I think and I'm pretty sure a few other ladies have had quite a few too. I only BD every other day, or every two days on the highs, and then both peak days and got my BFP.

    Good luck sweetie

  • hey, havig same problem, i have had high days now for 8 days and no peak, getting a bit worried!!
  • Thanks for your replies - we will keep going then. Actually thinking back on it I had 2 highs the month I got my BFP so I think it is a good sign. Just hope my peaks arrive soon as I'm sooo tired now!!
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