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I hate the last few days of 2WW!

I have the same symptoms as last month, but they've lasted from day 17. It's now day 23 and normally they're gone by about day 20. I've been feeling sick on and off throughout the day and got awful travel sickness too image

BUT is this just MORE nonsense from coming off the pill? I've been off it for over 9 months, surely I shouldn't be getting more and more symptoms each month?

Oh, and I have odd crampy/pulling in my stomach - but is that just hunger from dieting? lol!



  • im due af on thursday and it feels like absolutely ages away!!!
    i wana test now! but i know i shouldnt, im really hoping we have done it this month!! good luck for you, its hard not to symptom spot at the littlest thing!
  • hi gypsy. the cramping/pulling is a good sign! my fingers are crossed it will be a bfp for you image
    good luck, lots of pma xx
  • I hate it too! Ive had cramping pain and sickness/hunger feelings for nearly a week now. I was pushing my luck and tested early with FR kit, with was BFN, was disheartened but thanks to the girls on here im now waiting for AF on sat with some hope!
    Good luck xxx
  • Oh good luck to us all then!!!

    Thanks mrs_e image
  • goodluck clarkie!!! im due af thurs and going out of my mind, no sign of af is a good sign so im just waiting with baited breath, hubby is really excited but i think men just think women get preg if they have unprotected sex!!! if only it was that easy!!!

    goo luck aLL
  • Good luck melissa ill be looking for ur post on thursday do you have any symptoms? I know men have no idea! x
  • Melissa, when are you testing? I'm wondering if I can wait till Saturday.....
  • well its funny you ask coz its all a bit back to front with me, i suffer realy bad with my periods and i usually get EXTREMELY bad aches in my brests when im due on and i have felt nothing, also today i have had a increase in the amount of CM i have produced and i thought that was strange since im due on thurs???

    also last week i had a really strange few days where i had dull aching kinda cramps an my very lower abdomen like you do with period but it was a completely different feeling, not pain but annoying uncomfortable achey feeling but thats stopped now really, so i dont know what to think really, yeasteday i did an early FR test and it was begative so i was really gutted about that but i know af hasnt arrived yet so we still have a tiny desperate to kno one way or another. xx
  • oooh, that sounds promising!!!! i am trying to be hopeful, but i'm hopeful every month and then AF arrives image
  • melissa i had cramps also but there gone now just got sickness/hunger feelings and sore nipples, i also have an increase in cm thought it was af but it aint come yet! i tested this am with FR test 5 days early and it was bfn but its way early ive found out since its better to wait till the day! So just ignore that other early test xx
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