FAO: Pickle1984

Hey honey,

How are you? Did AF show up? I read that you were waiting for a late AF.

Im on day 41 of my cycle, so 20DPO, but i read that your OPK could show a pos but be 3 days out, so i guess its only really 17DPO.

Hope you're ok.
x x x


  • Hey sweetie im still waiting!! Are you???

    Apart from that i'm ok, trying not to think about it much cos i know im not pregnant so just got to wait!
    How about u?? Are u still calm??

  • Oh sorry!!! I brought it up and made you think again.

    I just wish we could move onto another cycle already!!

    I did two FR and they came up really strong test lines and nothing else both times, so it hit me straight away i couldnt pretend anything-like i did with symptoms! So ive been a bit fine since then just knowing its ok, but i'll try again.

    HOWEVER, im now a bit worried that it means its going to be hard to try with a long LP!!! Ive always got something to 'worry' over!

    x x x

  • Hehe u and your worries!! Personally i feel that this month has just turned into a 'blip'. It doesnt mean anything and i probably wont track it with my others cos this is totally out of the ordinary for me!! xxx
  • hehe, i am a bit of a maniac sometimes!!

    Im glad you're ok with it, it can get hard and bring you down, but its good you've got so much PMA!!!

    x x x
  • Wellllll the way i look at it is....its somehing u cant control, and when u do try to control it, it gets all messed up!! Not sure how long im going to wait before i think about going to the docs.....i might wait and see if my next AF turns up??? i told my mum lastnight and she just said its a waiting game.....xxx
  • Hey ladies
    I hope you don't mind me g/c but I was wondering how you were both getting on! I really hope you both get an answer soon or af shows up so you can move on. Our bodies really do mess with us sometimes and it always seems to be at the worst time!
    Lots of baby dust to you both xxxx
  • Your not G/C/-you're being very thoughtful!!

    Still nothing for me!!

    How rubbish is that? Esp as my BFNs came up really strong test lines and pure white everywhere else.

    x x x
  • Same with me. And now im worried i didnt ovulate at all this month even though i got my smiley faces on CBD OPKs...i was reading your post HomeFairy and someone said it catches the surge but doesnt mean that u actually ovulate argh i want to cry now!!

    Hello Mrs Cake image

  • Sorry to G/C but Pickle, stop that worrying right now, I'm more than sure that you ov if you got your smiley faces, I'm really hoping that it's just a shy bean for you, although I've not posted for a few days i'm still kepping an eye on you *wagging finger* image

    Good luck sweetie

  • Pickle i didnt know that! I assumed if you get a smiley you must have ov'd.
    Ive also read that the sticks you get for the cbfm fit and work with the '7 stick' holder...i haven't tried but i read on another forum that the only the only differences (apart from the cost obv) is the cbfm ones have different coloured writing on the wrapper and no pink arrows.
  • I feel so stupid, i did yet another test and it was a BFN, i grabbed it and hubby got cross (i think he was upset too as we looked at the baby things in Asda when we got the test). Anyway, i had little tears on my cheek as i was in the kitchen and hubby called me through to the living room and i got a big hug!

    I now think it is wholly possible that i missed OVing all together and as some people know we cant BD every other day so im just cross and upset.

    Oh and stupid SIL is complaining about her baby saying its too little for the clothes she bought and moaning loads. I feel sorry that the baby is little, and was so poorly, but she smokes not stop, the dogs are licking the babys face in the basket on the ground, and she still had a bottle of wine on a friday night. Having a baby has 'put her out', and its been at her Mums more than with her, she doesnt care about her two kids as it is. She laughs when they swear, thats not funny, thats so bad!!

    Please dont think im a monster, i know that im feeling this way and being extremely mean because i wish it was me, and thats not a nice thing.

    x x x
  • Hehe hey rainbow i know you're always checking up on me, as i am u, hope u've been taking it easy image Kaiti its only something i've just read so im really not sure, but i really did think i OV'd, i had all my usual signs. Not sure about the test sticks, hadnt thought about it really might have to try it out!!

    Awww HomeFairy please dont cry hunny, it will be both our turns very very soon and u'll make a fab mummy image xxx
  • Thank you-just feeling a bit rubbish....however its the start of a new week tomorrow and its extra short for me as i have a wedding..woot!!!

    it will be both our turns exceptionally soon, we will be all over the Due in November thread!!!

    x x x x
  • Loving the PMA!!! Getting brown when i wipe today, i hope this is the proper start of AF now. Getting fed up of being messed about! xxx
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