CBFM question - bit upset

Hey Ladies,

I am on CD28 today (the 'm' has been flashing since CD26) and it asked me to POAS this morning so i did and it came up a low!

I have had highs since CD13 but no peak. Do you think it came up low because i had a 28 day cycle last month and the CBFM has programmed it to do this or do you think it has come up a low because of the lack of hormone in my pee?

Any advice would be lovely

Tink xxx


  • OH tink hun i am no help with the CBmoniter thingy image
    Just wanted to give you a ((((hug)))) and i am keeping my fingerscrossed for your BFP or at least your cycle sorting out soon xxxx
    Gems x
  • I have a CBFM and iv not experienced this yet, but iv heard some people say that the monitor doesnt always read your 'peak' but gives you lots of 'highs'. I would BD on all high day's just to be on the safe side or BD every other day until you 'normally' get your peak and then BD for 3 day's in a row ??

    You might already know all this but thought i would try to give you some advice too !!

    How long have you been using the CBFM ?? This is only my 2nd month of TTC and using my CBFM, im currently on CD6, iv also got preseed to try this month so FINGERS CROSSED !!!

    How many day's past OV are you ?? Maybe you could do a HPT ??


    Hope some of this helps image
  • PS. Plus you have a rude veg so that's bound to help you along your wayimage lol

    Chin up, remember PMA image

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  • Lol awww thanks for my hug gembags!!!

    Jo_ttc - i don't know how may days past OV i am because i haven't had my peak to know. I had EWCM around CD20-21 but don't know if that was OV as it didn't last long.
    This is my second month using CBFM and on my first month i got my peaks on CD17-18. Then i had a really heavy bleed the day after CD28 that lasted about 5 days and then like i said i got my first high this month on CD13 and my first low again today :\( xx
  • So it's a difficult one to tell !! Did you BD on CD17-18 ?? If you did i wouldnt worry too much. Im wondering myself how the CBFM will be this month as it's my month 2. I think it could well be still getting 'used' to you so dont panic too much !!

    See if it's still does the same on month 3 and if it does maybe look into it ??

    Sending baby dust your way....image

  • HI Tink, I have been having the same problem - last 2 months I have had no peaks and just all highs. Veyr frustrating, as I have irregular cycles (between 24 and 31 days), so I have no idea how many DPO I am, if I am indeed OVing. It's starting to worry me, and with AF on her way, I am going to give up with it now. It's just stressingme out too much.
  • hi hun

    G/C from pregnancy to say it is possible to ovulate and not get a peak on the CBFM.

    If you ovulate say late afternoon or in the evening the CBFM will miss that brief hormone surge and so not give you a peak- because you test morning urine- Thats why the advice from clearblue is to BD all through the high readings, because you may be fertile in that time.

    I have to say I got pregnant from BDing on a HIGH reading day, so don't give up just because the peak does not show.

    The helpline for the CBFM is really good and they might be able to reassure you further.

    Don't give up, keep BDing on the highs and see what next month brings

    Good luck


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