What's the best test?

I would like to try and test a bit earlier, but wondered which one is most accurate. I have loads of symptons, but don' know if this is because i am looking for them. I am on day 25 of my cycle.
Pain in ovaries
slight bleed a wk and half ago (brownish)
Some feeing sick
Back ache
Vivid reams
Lot CM

Do you think these sound like early signs? can't remember what it was likewith my last one.


  • you could use a predictor test you can use these up to 5 days befor you period is due.x
  • Superdrug tests seem to be particularly sensitive at picking up the early bfp's, they're not expesnive either which is a bonus image

    Can I ask how many dpo you are? If you are less than 9dpo I would wait a couple of days if you can.

  • I'm not sure as haven't done a test this month. Im due 4th dec. Did a test this morning, but BFN, just hoping that i still might be, will test again next wkend if nothings happened by then
  • It's still early, remember even if the tests can be done 5 days early they're only about 60% accurate at this time (says on the packet) and they get more accurate the longer you wait. Good luck for when you test again!
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