Back again!!!

Well, I have been away from BE for just less than a week and thought I would share the past week with you ladies and pick your brains...

Having had a very faint line on a pg test last Friday, then severe cramps Saturday and AF arriving 4 days late on Sunday with feeling really very unwell!!! Monday came and I continued to bleed until the afternoon when it stopped completely having not reached its usual heaviness; Tuesday morning there was still no sign and I had sharp pains in my groin/lower tummy so I rang my GP who advised me to do another pg test which needless to say was BFN and low and behold AF started again, but only really light - only needed 3 pantyliners for the rest of the day! I then continued to spot until Friday - only very lightly, barely needing a pantyliner. My AF normally arrives with about 2 days of spotting then gets quite heavy then eases again, lasting for about 5 days. However, this one having arrived 4 days late lasted with proper bleeding for only a day and a half and then spotting for 4 days after :\? Very strange, but could this be my body getting used to the copper coil being removed (my periods were never that heavy with the coil, much the same as before)??

I did an OPK (just out of interest as I figured things were probably a little messed up at the mo) on Friday and if it wasnt positive, then it was pretty close, but unless Im around the time of ov then I dont normally get any line at all - not even the faintest. I did another one on yesterday which had a line but not as strong as the one on Friday, so definately a negative and I did another one this morning which had no line whatsoever. This morning however, I noticed that I had EWCM but I am only on about CD 8 and I thought I usually ov on about CD18 or 19 as I thought I had quite a short LP as my cycle is 28 days....:\?

Has anyone else had anything like this? I dont know if I have got my ov dates completely wrong and I actually ov much earlier than I thought, or whether my cycle for some reason is just very messed up?!? My previously positive OPKs have always been half positive which is why I read them as positive, but I never seemed to notice any EWCM with them or around that time of my cycle.

Any thoughts, opinions or wise words of wisdom from you lovely ladies would be much appreciated.


PS How are you all doing? I know there were quite a few BFPs at the beginning of the week and I can see there have been a couple more recently - congratulations to those!!

BB4 - you are POAS tomorrow I believe, do let us know how you are!

Mithical, Immense, MrsRichardson - how have you all been this week?


  • Hi Mrs S, glad you are back. I wish I could offer you some words of wisdom...but umm...nope none coming! lol

    It sounds to me like a random af, if the bleeding you had was red. As for EWCM, you can ov more than once in a cycle, or your cycle could end up being shorter this time. I'm not really sure though.

    I'm fine thanks on CD 11, ov should be around the end of the week. So my week has just been spent waiting!!

    Hope you find some answers hun. xx
  • Thanks Mithical! Im trying to make sure that we BD every other day this month so that where ever ov occurs, we will hopefully stand a chance of hitting it! :lol:

    I ordered a thermometer last night, so I can start tracking my BBT (so much for relaxing about it all a bit more!!! image) then at least I can see whether I am ovulating for definate, and hopefully exactly when...

    Are you using OPKs Mithical?

  • I bought pre-seed this month, which came with 25 free tests, either ov or pg. I got 15 ov tests. mycycles says I should ov on 12th, but as cycles have been 30, 33, then 29 days long. I will bd every other day this week, then every day at end of week for 3 days or so.

    I really only wanted the ov sticks to see if I get a positive at the same time I get EWCM. xx
  • Welcome back!!

    I can't offer any more wisdom apart from what mithical said I am afraid!! I think the best thing as you say is just to BD as much as poss just in case! You could have had a random AF and this could be a shorter cycle!

    I am completely in limbo land!! I am now 8 days late, no sign of AF and BFN's on the 3 tests I have done! I have quite a few +ve symptoms and today feel like I have done a 100 sit ups!! But trying not to get my hopes up image I have a docs appt booked for week weds if nothing happens to see what they say, as IF I am PG then would be 8wks by then!!

    Hope it all goes ok for you!! xx
  • Oh wow Immense! Sounds very positive in your symptoms and lack of AF - they say that sometimes you dont get a BFP for quite a while, perhaps your GP could take a blood test and see if there is HCG present as it takes longer for it to get into your urine??

    You havent tried OPKs yet then Mithical? They can be confusing at times (like now for me :lol:!) I will see how I got with them for the rest of the month as I will use them everyday now and once my thermometer comes through, I will start trying to tie that in too.

  • No I haven't used them before. I know they recommend starting to test from CD 10 in most cases. So will just start them at the beginning of the week, and see whether I can see a line darkening. I might get them again if I get on with them. But I know they don't work for everyone, and that the ebay cheapies also don't work for everyone!

    I think it would all get too complicated for me with OPK's and BBT's......but come back to me in a couple of months if I'm still not pg! lol
  • I am going to try OPK, AC and EPO next mth if AF arrives to see give myself max chances and check if I am OV when get EWCM! I have 40 in the drawer ready and waiting lol xx

    MrsS1258 - That's why i thought about going to docs to see if they could do bloods or scan - or even an internal! I have recently found out that if you are PG then your cervix turns purple?! Just wish I could see mine and check lol xx
  • If you're that desperate you could buy a speculum, a mirror and a torch!!LOL!!(I now have an awful vision in my head!!!xx
  • lol hjanea! I think I will pass thanks! Good idea tho.....!
  • I cant even begin to imagine the kind of positions you would have to get into to examine your own cervix!!?!?!? imageimageimage

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