Educate me on CM!

Hi All

I am quite new to this whole ttc business and I quite often read peoples comments referring to the appearance of their CM. What is it like when you OV? Is there a difference between normal days and just before AF?
Also, people have mentioned checking their cervix? Why and what/how?
Sorry to come across so dim :roll: xxxx


  • HI babybetty. I'm certainly not the expert on this subject,
    K-Lou is!!!!

    Anyway, there are two different types of CM, 'normal' CM which has a cloudier/whiter appearance and EWCM (Egg White CM) which is stringy and looks like raw egg whites.

    In most, although not all cases, CM tends to dry up just before AF is due and just after. Before and after OV it's the normal CM and varying levels (you made need to actually insert your fingers - sorry if TMI - to get a good reading) and just as you are about to OV and during OV then it should be EWCM. Hope that helps.

    TBH - I don't worry too much about all of this and just BD around the time of ov and hope! I find it stressful enough as it is ttc so don't want to get too involved in all of that checking etc.

    Plus - if you want to check your cervix, either use your fingers as you will feel changes during your cycle (for instance, a small hole will appear to allow the sperm through to your uterus when you are about to ov) or use a mirror to check the changes.

    HTH - any questions, as always, just ask!!



  • LOL thankimage

    K xx

  • You're welcome, honey!!!

  • Blimey - I didn't know there was so much to know on the subject. Thank you.
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